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The High Holidays are here. What are YOU eating?

So you think it’s a good idea to pull out that challah recipe you got from a great aunt and try to make it after fasting all day? Going to impress the new significant other with that by the gefilte fish gathering dust on the shelf at Key Food? Got your kugel, tsimi, babka, and mandelbroit lined up?

Yes, the Jewish high holidays are approaching fast. Rosh Hashana (the celebration of the Jewish new year) begins at sundown on Wednesday, and the holidays end with Yom Kippur’s (the day of atonement) break-fast dinner on October 8th.

Of course, traditional foods play an important role on the high holidays. But what? You can’t cook like your grandma? Fear not. Whether you actually observe the holidays, or are just curious about the food, help is at hand. Yes, you’re a New Yorker – You can order takeout.

Mile End, everyone’s favorite Montreal Jewish Delicatessen (alright, so there isn’t a TON of competition), is offering special catering menus. Choose from the Traditional Meal for Two ($75) with chicken soup, challah, delicious gefilte fish, and more; the Yom Kippur Break Fast Dinner ($75), with pumpernickel bread, smoked trout, and potato soup; or order a la carte for a babke your Bubbie would love.

They’ll even deliver it to you for $25, as long as you live in Brooklyn. Get more information and complete menus here.

Bklyn Larder‘s offerings include Matzoh Ball Soup, Chopped Liver, Braised Brisket, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Pumpkin, and Roasted Broccoli on the savory side, and an Apple and Almond Tart with Honey or Olive Oil Cake for dessert. Order in advance to ensure availability, and if you sneak some cheese into your bag to eat when no one’s looking…we won’t tell your mother.

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish (who we wrote about here) is an obvious place to look for High Holiday delicacies. Their offerings include: homemade gefilte fish (both sweet and savory), homemade horseradish (both red and white), clementine juice in small bottles, and a new sandwich called The Great Gatsby (pastrami salmon, honey mustard, and horseradish cream cheese, served on carraway (get it?) seeded rye). Call ahead to place your orders; check their full menu on their website.

Want to know more about these guys with the Jewish food? Check out our conversations with Noah Bernamoff of Mile End and Peter Shelsky of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish.

Now please excuse us while we try to explain to our mothers why we aren’t flying home…

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