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As New Yorkers, most of us have a genetically-wired weakness for the siren’s call of take-out Chinese food. The problem is, Chinese restaurants are not exactly known for their use of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, so what’s a greenmarket-shopping, ‘good food’ devotee to do?

Try Brooklyn Wok Shop, a new Chinese restaurant on North 10th Street in Williamsburg, recently opened by husband and wife Melissa and Edric Har. Their menu features only antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, chicken, and pork, and every dish is cooked to order–a serious step above your average take-out joint.

From The Wok Shop website:

“We decided to open a Chinese restaurant to fill a gap in the neighborhood and to offer food that is familiar but upgraded; we like to call it Chinese Food 2.0. The upgrades include blending Chinese recipes and ingredients with classic French techniques and using naturally raised meats. The food is Cantonese in heritage and is prepared the way we do it at home: with the best ingredients and with lots of love.”

Melissa and Edric have some serious cred: Edric has worked in the kitchens at Veritas, Cru and Le Bernadin, and Melissa grew up in the biz, helping her family run a number of Chinese restaurants in Orlando.

At the moment, Brooklyn Wok Shop is in soft-launch mode. Delivery and an expanded menu is coming soon, and Greenpoint News reports that they’re looking to expand their veggie options and their hours (including opening for brunch) before the official grand opening in January.

Brooklyn Wok Shop, 182 N 10th Street Between Bedford Ave and Driggs Ave. Currently open from 6pm-10pm Sunday-Thursday, 6pm-11pm Friday and Saturday.

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