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Reason TV sent former MTV Veejay Kennedy into the streets of Gowanus and Park Slope to investigate whether the maybe-someday Gowanus Whole Foods will destroy the fabric of Brooklyn’s food scene.

What does she find? A couple of Whole Foods haters are up-in-arms, and a bunch of Park Slope Food Co-opers couldn’t care less.

All in all, this is a not-so-serious look at what is actually a kind-of-serious question: How will the looming arrival of Whole Foods in Williamsburg and Gowanus affect the many Brooklyn-based fledgling food businesses that have relied on locals willing to pay a premium for the good stuff to survive? Will the endless air-conditioned aisles of glistening organic produce lure the lazy away from the sweaty scrum at local farmers markets on summer weekends, cutting into the already precarious profit margins for local farmers who rely on those direct-to-people-who-give-a-shit sales?

There’s no doubt that for the many Brooklynites who lust for good food grown by local farmers or made by fired-up strivers in borrowed restaurant kitchens in the middle of the night, the pending arrival of two Whole Foods in Brooklyn is a little bit like waking up one morning to find giant alien motherships hovering over our streets and wondering, “Do they come in peace, or are they about to blast a hole in this thing?”

h/t to Effed in Park Slope for catching the Kennedy video.

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