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So we got an email yesterday from a production company looking to find new food entrepreneurs who will be opening a storefront or restaurant before the end of the year. Why? For a new Food Network series offering noobs food and biz advice from a ‘major celebrity chef and restaurateur.’ Deets:

“New Food Network series is looking for FOOD ENTREPRENEURS in the New York Tri-State area.  Looking for corporate types who are bravely ditching their jobs and risking it all to pursue their passion of launching their own food business.  Must be planning to open a brick-and-mortar space (restaurant or singular food ideas welcome) before the end of 2011.  Those chosen will receive culinary & business coaching from a major celebrity chef and restaurateur, as well as invaluable publicity.  Send us detailed information on your high-stakes story!

Go get ‘em. Break a leg, people.

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One Response to Wanna Be On TV? Food Network Is On the Prowl For New Food Entrepreneurs

  1. Ann Barker says:

    This blog is a combination of recipe and life style from a remote fishing camp on Kodiak Island. I don’t sell anything on the blog but provide information about how to cook wild salmon and other seafood, how wonderful Alaskan fish come from pristine waters, and most are harvested by small family businesses. My goals are to expand knowledge of wild Alaskan salmon and put a face on the fishermen, women and children who harvest these fish.

    In addition to food photos, I load the blog with pictures of how a family makes due without roads, cars, and manage to live well off the grid for months at a time. Set net life style could make a story in that this family occupation frequently pits man against nature, man against himself, and man against the vagaries of commercial fishing. This isn’t a story as dramatic as Deadiless Catch, instead, it is a family living as best it can in a remote and beautiful part of the world for months at a time.

    Our family, now into the third generation, has fished for wild salmon from this site for 41 years.

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