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Brooklynite Liz Neves, founder of Raganella Botanical Solutions, is an herbal alchemist of sorts. She specializes in tea blends, tinctures, and body care products, most of which she makes with wild foraged, and organic locally grown ingredients, that capture the natural healing properties of plants and herbs.

“For me, the plants…healing plants…I think it’s at the core of our being,” says Neves. “We’ve evolved with plants. Indiginous cultures use plants to heal, and we’ve kind of lost touch. So going back and looking at whole plants and whole systems of healing –I think that’s how we need to move forward.”

While many enjoy the restorative powers of a hot cup of herbal tea, most would do a double-take if they saw someone rolling that tea up into a fatty and smoking it. But Neves offers just that opportunity with Vivid Visions – a blend of wild mugwort, damiana, and organic coltsfoot, lavender and mullein that when smoked, delivers relaxation and vivid dreams. Naturally, it’s her best selling item – who among us, living in this steel, stone and glass hive of humanity, doesn’t need a little help relaxing once in a while?

Liza DeGuia features Liz and her smokable tea in this week’s episode of Food.Curated.

Been a while since you’ve gotten your smoke on? Curious? You can find Raganella’s Vivid Visions and browse Neves’ other products at her Etsy store.

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2 Responses to Vivid (But Chill) Visions: Food.Curated Talks Tokable Tea with Liz Neves of Brooklyn’s Raganella Botanical Solutions

  1. martin rutrell says:

    where in Brooklyn are you located.Liz

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks so much for your post, and for linking to my Etsy shop!

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