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By Colleen Kane

Everybody knows the economy is in the terlet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still want nice things in the kitchen, and that we don’t need to put other nice things in our bellies. Nicole Davis of Brooklyn Based dreamed up a solution to these woes with the first of a new series of swap meets and online raffles called TradeUP! Even better, TradeUP! benefits a cause other than foodie bellies. One third of the proceeds from the raffle will go to St. John’s Bread and Life soup kitchen in Bed-Stuy. The Brooklyn Community Foundationwill be matching all proceeds donated from the event.

Among the fabulous raffle prizes offered to buyers of the $3 tickets are $100 gift certificates to Frankie’s 457 and Roman’s; a chance to work behind the counter at the Meat Hook; customized cupcakes from the Infamous Robicellis; a chance to shadow farmer Ben Flanner as he works the rooftop at Brooklyn Grange for a day, and shot at having MilkMade come to your home for a personal ice-cream making lesson. Tickets are on sale now through Saturday at noon and winners will be announced at the swap meet. Info here.

At Saturday’s swap meet, Brooklynites are invited to bring their unwanted kitchen gadgets, appliances, and unopened food items for trade (and bigger ticket items for sale), to Littlefield in Gowanus from 4-7 p.m.

“We had been tossing around the idea of having a media swap for a year or so,” explains Davis, “But honestly, I don’t have a lot of exciting music to swap. What I do have is an insane amount of condiments and crazy garlic presses that my mother continues to give me. I love her but I don’t think she understands that I don’t have a pantry.

“So it was partly selfish reasons–I’m moving soon and need to clean out my cupboards–and also because kicking off this new event series with a food swap was natural for us. We have a lot of serious cooks on our list, and I felt like we could facilitate some amazing trades.

Event sponsor Saranac beer will provide their Imperial IPA and Imperial Stout at $2 a half pint and $3 a bottle.

According to TradeUP!’s Facebook event page, attendees can look forward to trading for the following items (among many unspecified others): cookbooks, wine glasses, a hand mixer, a garlic press, a popcorn popper, a rolling pin, maple syrup, a coffeemaker, unopened spices, teas, locally harvested honey, even a bread maker.

“Everyone seems to be bringing cookbooks, so I would encourage more folks to bring cookware and spices. Whatever isn’t swapped will go to St. John’s Bread & Life, who can pass it on to clients in need of stocking their kitchens,” said Davis.

And your hostess will bring some of her mostess: an immersion blender & a Mexican regional cookbook. “I’m excited to see what kinds of trades will go down–like how many cookbooks will someone swap for a blender? What will a jar of allspice get you?”

One more request from the organizer: “I would love it if a videographer would film this a la Antiques Roadshow, and interview swappers about the history of their bread machine and what they think it’s worth. So if this appeals to anyone, I hope they’ll get in touch or just arrive with a camera.”

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