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If you like ‘good food,’ you see some things over and over – heirloom tomatoes, pastured pork, rooftop greens and natural wines, anyone?

And then there are the things you’ll probably only see once. For example, a cod tongue. Did you know fish had tongues? What do they use them for? Can they stick them out at you if you fail to catch them? Those sassy fish!

Liza de Guia’s most recent Food Curated piece takes a look into the life of competitive home cook Erin Evenson as she prepared for the Food Experiments National Championship, which was held in Brooklyn on September 18th.

Erin Evenson: A Competitive Home Cook, 150 Cod Tongues & The Perfect Bite from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

Erin lives in Bay Ridge – a neighborhood once full of Norwegians. The recipe she develops in this video – fried fish balls made with cod tongue and cheeks poached in goat milk – is an homage to both her own Scandinavian heritage, and to the traditional Norwegian cuisine once so prevalent in her ‘hood.

Of her quest for the perfect bite, Erin says, “The perfect bite is something that eludes almost all of us. The amount of time we take to perfect it…it’s so personal…My perfect bite is meant to transport someone to the place where I was when I conceived it.”

Does the notion of cod tongues and cheeks strike fear in your heart? Watch the video. Erin’s natural joy in the kitchen, and the magic she works with those cod mouths just might open your mind.

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