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Does the relentless winter grind have you daydreaming about summer days in the park? Here’s some fodder for your frozen mind – @bkfarmyards pointed us to this vintage piece about the sheep herding scene in Prospect Park at the turn of the last century. As it turns out, the long meadow in summer was an ideal pasture ground for sheep. The Brooklyn flocks produced some of the highest quality wool on the market. The sheeps’ natural lawn-mowing talents were also appreciated – the hungry fluffballs were pros at controlling the underbrush and keeping the park in good maintenance, and the park managers traded their wool for peacocks and other exotic fowl to ‘further beautify the park.’ Now that the geese are gone, isn’t the Serengeti of Brooklyn a little quiet? We’re sure local weavers, chefs and kids would agree: Bring back the sheep!

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