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‘That Softer, Kindlier Taste’ Urban Farmers Love
Who knew PBR’s marketing team in the 1940s was so prescient? Who knew PBR existed in the 1940s for that matter? Or that it was made by blending “33 master brews into one magnificent beer”!? Grist dug up an advertising gem from the 40s, in which Pabst Blue Ribbon tried to get their foot in the door with the growing population of urbanites planting gardens to help the war effort. Substitute Sixpoint for PBR, and those preppy outfits for skinny jeans and vests and you just might have a peek into the future, from the past. Read the copy. It’s worth it. We promise.

Pig Island Takes the ‘Local’ Food-Fest Championship
There are no shortage of food events in Brooklyn: some good, some not-so-good. Food writer and activist Adriana Velez details last week’s Pig Island Fest on Governor’s Island and provides some insight into why the event was such a success. Hint: source locally!

The Best Butchers in Brooklyn…
…according to the Daily News anyway. These are certainly all classic old-school neighborhood butcher shops. Our only question would be…how does The Meat Hook not make this list? Makes us wonder exactly what criteria were used in making these picks! Sustainably-produced product doesn’t seem to have been a big factor.

Pickling with Bob McClure
Got some extra produce on hand that’s not gonna get used? Bob McClure of Brooklyn-based McClure’s Pickles talks about preserving the fruits of the harvest by pickling. You can even sign up for a class to get hands-on training from the master himself…

A Different Kind of Library
Antique stores may abound, but seed libraries are exceptionally rare. But if we want to preserve the flavors of yesteryear, we’ll need more of them! NYT profiles a thriving group in the Hudson Valley who’s ensuring that future generations will get to enjoy unique varieties of plants and legumes.

A Harvest Season Recipe from Cathy Erway
Our amazing tomato season has given way to a fall favorite: squash! Although the tried-and-true butternut squash soup is always welcome, local food heroine Cathy Erway has a bold recipe for you to try: squash pizza. We can’t wait to try this one.

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