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Dropping Rhymes, Organic Style
A crew of British organic dairy farmers represents the Yeo Valley with some nasty rhymes. OK Bklyn farmers…your turn!

Review Conflagration
A scathing review of a new Latin-American restaurant by one of our favorite bloggers, Erica of ‘Effed’ in Park Slope, flared up into an all-out horror movie-style nightmare this week when the restaurant staff retaliated in epic fashion. Can’t wait to try this place! Enjoy this one, people, but watch out…it’s definitely rated ‘R’.

‘The Best Thing I Ever Done’
Check out Margaret Emily Mackenzie’s must-see short documentary on Dom DeMarco and his legendary Di Fara Pizzaria in Midwood, Brooklyn. Dom has been hand-crafting his beloved pizza for pizza aficionados for 40 years, and he clearly loves his work. We do too.

The Food Section brings word of a rising chorus of questions about why local wines have seemingly been left behind in the local food craze.

Farming is Cool Again
The booming interest in local food in NY State is creating opportunities and excitement in the farming world, but the biggest challenge regional farmers face is high land prices.

Chefs Go Wild
Portland, Oregon has always been on the vanguard of the local, sustainable…everything. The Times reports that some of the city’s best chefs have taken up foraging for wild edibles to feature on their plates. Will this trend make its way to our coast? Leda Meredith has been planting the proverbial seeds for a foraging scene right here in Brooklyn, with her frequent Prospect Park foraging tours. Bring it on!

Young Blood Invigorates Cayuga Pure Organics
More from The Times: a look at the burgeoning cultivation of legumes and grains in NY State, focusing on Cauyga Pure Organics – an organic farm in the Finger Lakes region that has been reenergized by a new generation of young farmers.

Hotels Get in on Growing Their Own
Trend alert: Many hotels are joining urban farmers and chefs by creating food gardens, keeping bees, and more.

Sustainable Sixpoint
Jason Sahler of Sustainabrew tours the Sixpoint brewery with a focus on their sustainable approach to making beer.

Village Voice Food Picks
Last week Time Out New York published their annual list of the top 100 NYC eats. (And we sadly linked to last year’s version. Here’s the 2010 list. Hey … last year’s was a still a good read, right?)

This week, the Village Voice weighs in with their picks. Strap on your seatbelt and click here for loads of mouth-watering picks.

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