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Stuffing Salami at Esposito’s

The South Brooklyn Post spent a day making soprasetta with George Esposito of Esposito’s Pork Store on Court St. Established in 1922, the famous butcher shop prides itself on doing things the old school way, and George doesn’t mince words about his passion for local, community shops: “It’s stupid to go to a supermarket in this neighborhood. Maybe if you live in a bad neighborhood. Here you have the best of everything. Beautiful fruit markets, the farmer’s market, fish markets, and us.”

Homemade Sodas Taking Off
If syrupy fountain drinks just don’t cut it for you anymore, we’ve got good news from The Brooklyn Paper:
homemade sodas are flourishing in Brooklyn, with many practitioners looking to old school flavors for inspiration. Tin City recently entered the fray, and they’re causing a stir by adding locally-made Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to some of their floats. They join a growing litany of homemade soda makers in the borough like Brooklyn Soda Works (who you can find at Flea and at Palo Santo), Radish, Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, and Thistle Hill Tavern. We should mention that many of these spots are using Brooklyn’s own P&H Soda Co’s all-natural soda syrups.

Time Out’s Best Winter Bars
Time Out has put together a list of New York’s best winter bars. Brooklyn is well represented, of course. Black Mountain Wine House, Black Rabbit, Camp and Daddy’s make the list of best fireplace bars. The Vanderbilt, Rye and Hotel Delmano get shout-outs for best seasonal drinks, and The Double Windsor, Mission Dolores and Spuyten Duyvil are picked as some of the best dark beer bars in the city.

Historic Thanksgiving Recipes
This week on Heritage Radio’s ‘A Taste of the Past’ host Linda Pelaccio tackles Thanksgiving, and journeys back to discover some of the original recipes used when the Plymouth Crew and the locals got together to celebrate the harvest. Joining Linda on this trip through the past is Sarah Lohman, an artist, author, and “historic gastronomist”: one who re-creates recipes from days of yore exactly as they were, essentially engaging in taste time-travel. Tune in for some surprising revelations about the history of Turkey Day and what people enjoyed eating long, long ago.

Marlow & Daughters Say: Eat Less Meat!
Chef Sean Rembold and butcher Adam Danforth of Marlow & Sons/Daughters offer their thoughts on the state of meat in this country and their recommendations to eat…less of it? A brief 6-minute video on “The Secret Life of Beef” provides the back story on how meat production can be very costly to the environment.

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