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This week Nona is giving away 2 slices of pie and 2 cups of coffee at Four & Twenty Blackbirds to 5 lucky Nona-ites.

Sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen have been making delectable, seasonal pies at their Gowanus shop since opening this spring. The sisters hail from Hecla, South Dakota. Emily has lived in Brooklyn over ten years. She is a founder of the Gowanus Studio Space and has a degree in Sculpture from Pratt Institute. She’s the older one. After finishing a degree in Finance, Melissa spent over two years traveling the world. She has settled down in Brooklyn to make pie (really good pie!)

Even if you’re not from the neighborhood, it’s worth a special trip to check out the shop, indulge in some homemade seasonal pie and sip some direct trade and organic coffee from Irving Farm roasters of upstate NY.

The Elsens source their ingredients locally and organically whenever possible, and incorporate natural sweeteners like honey, molasses and unrefined sugar. They use Battenkill Valley Creamery milk and get most of their produce at their local Greenmarket and from Basis Farm to Chef. Many of their products are made with whole grain flour and they buy all our ingredients according to season. All of Four & Twenty’s pies and other goods are baked fresh, by hand, daily.

As always, this giveaway is open to any NonaBrooklyn subscribers: just email us at with the subject line “Pie” to enter!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you do so right here (it just takes a few seconds and it’s free!). Just enter “Pie” in the Promo Code field for your chance to win.

Pie + coffee = happiness. It’s science, people!

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