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Many of us, before traveling to other countries, like to do a little research on the local customs, and one of those points of inquiry is usually: So, what’s the custom on tipping? Here in NYC, it’s become standard ops to tip 20% on a meal — even if it’s just OK (or not even that OK).

Done? Settled? We all got our tipping down? Not so fast. If all the buzz and controversy stirred up by Williamsburg delivery guy Larry Fox’s new blog >15% is any indication, we may need to turn that line of inquiry back on ourselves when it comes to tipping for deliveries.

Larry, like a zen master of tipping, serenely pushes the mantra that tipping anything less than 15% of the total bill for any grub delivery is tantamount to karmic suicide. His mission statement:

“15 Percent is a blog documenting people, and companies who have never seemed to work in the service industry, or don’t think to tip at least 15% on deliveries, and instead opt for 2 dollars on everything.

This is for all the people who have been handed $80 on a $78 order and told ‘keep the change’. Thanks ass-hole.”

If you browse his blog, you’ll see that this is a rather, um…polarizing position. So what do you tip on deliveries?

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