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by Jacque Lynn Schiller

The Clover Club in Cobble Hill is, if anything, gorgeous: rich wood, tin ceilings, chandeliers… But don’t let the opulence intimidate. The bar staff is friendly and know their old time cocktails. And someone in the kitchen, Executive Chef Craig Rivard to be exact, knows his bar snacks. We melted into one of the plush chairs in the back room to sample some of his wisdom and were rewarded with an education in sugarcoated yum.

The Clover Club
210 Smith Street, Cobble Hills

Chef : Craig Rivard
Favorite NONA finds : salty & sweet-spiced almonds

Ingredients  : almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger with a hint of orange

Craig, what’s the concept behind the menu here?

I keep the menu concept at Clover Club based in classic American, seasonal small plates.

What’s the secret behind a good bar snack?

The spiced nuts have been a popular bar snack because they are quick, simple and flavorful. They are sweet with a hint of salt to keep you going back to your drink.

Can you share how they’re made?

We start with whole blanched almonds and toss them with orange zest and a house spice blend then bake them.

What item should I try next time?

While the spiced nuts are extremely popular, I think the most popular dishes are the house-made chips tossed in duck fat and served with truffle crème fraiche or the four varieties of deviled eggs.

Perfect pairing?

Brad Farran, the head bartender would recommend the Pedro’s Martinez or the Davy Jones Locker. If feeling a little more classic, then a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.


Know of other sweet (or savory) treats? Send tips our way or share in the comments section.

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