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Editor’s Note: Jacque continues her quest to discover some of Brooklyn’s finest bar snacks. This week, she finds bite-sized gold at Char No. 4.

by Jacque Lynn Schiller

It’s about time for something fried and we found the goods times two. Cobble Hill’s Char No. 4 serves up sophisticated Southern comfort – of the food variety, y’all; this is a proper bourbon bar with some elegant pours. Now you could roll just about anything  in flour and throw it in a vat of oil and I’ll likely be happy and refuse to share the crunchy outcome. Cheese especially. So when I received word that these guys had taken one of my favorite sandwiches from home, pimento cheese, and reimagined the concept as a snack, I booked a bar stool immediately. And true to my word, I ate every last one of those curds without offering a taste to my mate. But don’t feel bad for him. I don’t even think he noticed, busy as he was blissfully taking down a plate of smoked pork nuggets.

Char No. 4

196 Smith Street, Brooklyn

Chef : Matt Greco (Café Gray, A Voce)

Favorite NONA find : crispy cheese curds with spicy pimento sauce; smoked and fried pork nuggets with Char No. 4 hot sauce

Ingredients  :  panko breaded Wisconsin cheddar  + homemade aioli with pimentos, sriracha and sherry vinegar

Ingredients  : panko crusted smoked organic pork with house-made habenero hot sauce

The whiskeys shown weren’t necessarily for pairing  – the bartender was simply excited to pull some special bottles from the shelf, like that Four Roses Super Premium. Bacon and bourbon are a match made in heaven so just run down the menu and take your pick. It’s like horse racing, placing bets on whatever name catches your fancy. Except in this case, everyone’s always a winner. Cheddar stands up well to alcohol heat and the wood and fruit notes of the W.L. Weller 19 year would actually make this a harmonic combo.

Have a bar snack that keeps you coming back for more?  Please send tips our way (or leave a comment!)


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3 Responses to Thirsty Bits Vol. 5 – Char No. 4

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  3. “panko breaded Wisconsin cheddar + homemade aioli with pimentos, sriracha and sherry vinegar” = unnecessarily fancy fried cheese curds. God bless Wisconsinites.

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