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by Jacque Lynn Schiller

It’s hot outside, kids.

And if I’m going to don a caftan and the most open-toed sandals possible (read: flip flops), then I might as well eat as if at a beach too. Now as a vegetarian, this would seem to pose a bit of a problem. It does not. Carnivores, pescatarians and fruitarians alike can get their seaside fix at barberry. Quiet with an old world charm, the eatery is a welcome respite on a condo-rising corner of Williamsburg. Grab a glass of vino, dig into some Mediterranean inspired tapas and let what breeze there is off the water transport you to sexy times in more pleasant climes, plane ticket unnecessary.

152 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

Chef : Diego Gonzalez (Allioli)

Favorite NONA find : sautéed baby artichokes with parmigiano regiano

Ingredients : in season, al dente baby artichokes, parmesan slivers, mint

And yes, it looks like a salad, but the crispy points of the flower head and salty cheese make for delightful finger food, especially when paired with a citrusy Cava.


NONA: What’s the concept behind the menu?
Mediterranean with a Spanish flair.

This space is amazing. What was here before?
Barberry has art deco details. In 1938 in this location, a restaurant named the Penny Club was opened.

Any summer specials we should know about?
90 % our menu has seasonal , local products. Our summer specials are from a local fisherman, Alex, who owns Blue Moon Fish Co. in Mattituck. He surprises us with his daily catch. Since Diego is from Galicia (Spain) he really knows how to work with the seafood. At the moment Yellow Fin Tuna, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Skate, Swordfish, Monkfish, and Porgy are available. We also use their local scallops, little neck clams, and mussels.


What do you eat to beat the heat? Please send tips our way. Cheers!

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