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By Jacque Lynn Schiller

South Williamsburg whiskey bar Post Office may be stamp-sized but its tiny kitchen serves up big flavors that hold their own against an array of small batch spirits. Intimate and unpretentious, the space is urban rustic with an edge, appropriate for a place named after Charles Bukowski’s first novel. If you’re new to the world of rye, the staff is skilled at pouring the perfect dram to suit your taste – something any barfly would appreciate.

Post Office
188 Havemeyer, South Williamsburg

Mr. Bukowski watches over the proceedings at Post Office.

Chef : Sam Glinn
(The Brooklyn Star, Momofuku Ssäm Bar)

Favorite NONA find : pickle plate

Pretty as a picture - Post Office pickle plate.

Ingredients  :  whatever’s in the house, separately pickled – curried cauliflower, watermelon rind, honeydew, cabbage, fennel, Asian pear, bell pepper, cherries, carrots, green beans, blackberries, yellow & red beets, cukes

NONA: What’s the concept behind the menu?

Owner, Alla Lapushchik: I think it would be fair to say the concept is in the comfort food area.

Have you always been a whiskey drinker?

My appreciation of whiskey is something that has developed over time. I guess images of Slash with his bottle of Jack or Simone de Beauvoir basically chugging whiskey in America Day by Day got ingrained in my head as a youngster. I like the challenge it presents for the cocktail program. I like the history behind whiskey and the diversity. And I like confronting the stereotype of whiskey being a manly drink.  All those things combined equals whiskey bar.

Are there any menu changes for Summer?

We have started taco Tuesdays and usually Sam will have a special to keep things fresh — last week’s special was steak and eggs.

Chef Sam Glinn's board of bar bites.

What would you pour with those pickles?

I think the pickle plate pairs well with rye-heavy whiskey, such as the Templeton from Iowa. The light and spicy rye is a nice compliment to the acidity of the pickles.

For a bigger bite, Alla recommends the chicken liver bacon sandwich.


Where do you get your snack on?  Please send tips our way.


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