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By Jacque Lynn Schiller

After a weeklong hiatus (there was a kitten to adopt) I’m back on the trail of noteworthy nibbles. First stop, DUMBO, and the drive-in-spired fare of reRun. The theater set inside gastropub reBar, features 60 salvaged car seats. The menu, like the programming, is unconventional. Sure there’s popcorn, but these kernels get bathed in the grease of your choice. Yes, grease. Other off-the-wall offerings include Fender dogs (monster sausages served with an array of condiments) and stuffed pretzels. And should you still be expecting soggy nachos a la no-name cinema chain, think again.  Everything at reBar is made fresh, in-house and uses local ingredients when possible. They also serve drinks during screenings – alone worth the price of admission.

147 Front Street, Dumbo

Chef : Jeremy Leech

Favorite NONA finds : seasonal vegetarian saddle bag & mom+pop’s corn (bacon fat version)

Seasonal 'Saddlebags' - a definite step up from Juju Beans

Ingredients  : roasted beets, smoked farro, house baked focaccia

Tell us a little about the saddle bags.

Jeremy: The seasonal veggie one is created in house, right now with beets and farro. We make up the filling, then our pastry chef stuffs the house-baked bread each morning.

Suggest a pairing?

Bartender Vince: The Backseat. Smoke likes smoke – so the whiskey here works well with the smoky farro.

'The Backseat' - Jameson, ginger beer and cranberry juice

What else is in there?

It’s Jameson, ginger beer and cranberry juice.

Why not serve regular old popcorn like you’d find at any movie theater?

Jeremy : This isn’t a regular theater.

What’s the most popular powder coat and grease for the popcorn?

Luis : It’s a toss up between the duck and bacon fat.

reRun's bacon paprika popcorn

And here?

That’s the bacon with paprika, popped in a mix of oils.

reRun is located at 147 Front Street Brooklyn, NY (in DUMBO). For details on screenings, and to browse the full menu, check their website.

And don’t be greedy! Share tips with us by email or leave a comment.

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