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When you think of summer, you don’t necessarily think of whiskey, but the folks behind Whiskey Town, Whiskey Brooklyn, and Whiskey Tavern ALWAYS think of whiskey. That’s why they’ve opened The Whiskey Shop, just around the corner from Whiskey Brooklyn in Williamsburg.

According to Grub Street, the Whiskey Etc. team opened the shop to “spread the brown gospel” because “there are not enough nice liquor stores, especially in Brooklyn.” The 288-square foot shop is jam-packed with 99 different whiskies, all of which are listed on their website and organized by type and origin.  Want something from Tennessee? They’ve got it. Feeling more Canadian, eh? No problem. Exclusively buying American? They’ve got tons to choose from. If you’re buying for a party and aren’t going the “just whiskey” route, they have a very limited selection of other liquors and wines.

If you’re a whiskey newbie, here are a few facts to help you fit in with the experts (via Business Insider, of course.)

  • Only Scottish distilleries can call it “whisky.” Everyone else adds an “e”.
  • More than 50 percent of the purchase price of a fifth of whiskey in the U.S. goes to taxes, so buying whiskey is pretty much a patriotic act.
  • The five regional whiskeys always included are: Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Kentucky (Bourbon), Canadian Whiskey, and Tennesse Whiskey. The disputed two regional whiskeys are Japanese and New Zealand, and The Whiskey Shop carries three Japanese varieties.
Bottoms up! 

The Whiskey Shop, 44 Berry St., Williamsburg
(718) 384-7467

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