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For the latest episode of Food.Curated, Greenpointer Liza de Guia takes us out to sea with Mike Martinsen and Mike Doall, founders of the Montauk Shellfish Company, which produces the coveted Montauk Pearl oysters.

The Mikes have an original approach to growing their oysters – the oysters are raised from seed in floating bags tethered to trawl lines in shallow, sheltered waters brimming with phytoplankton and the other forms of tiny, tasty sea life they thrive on. So far, pretty standard. But then, a few months before they’re ready for harvest, the Mike move the oysters out to the open ocean waters off Montauk where they’re submerged and ‘ocean-finished’ in the cold, clear, briny deep.

Happily for oyster loving Brooklynites, Montauk Pearls are becoming increasingly easy to find in oyster lineups at retaurants throughout the borough.

Mike Martinsen describes the experience of eating a Montauk Pearl best, in a comment that instantly enters the official list of All-Time Top 10 Oyster Quotations:

“It reminds me of being out in the ocean at sunset…a double-overhead swell, perfect off-shore winds, a little rainbow blowing off the back of the wave. It’s like that salt taste of the mist when you’re coming down a wave in through a barrel. It’s that sea taste: misty, salty, ocean bliss.”

A Reason to Kiss the Sea: Montauk Pearl Oysters from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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