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In the latest episode of Food Curated, one of our very favorite video series in the whole wide world, Liza de Guia brings us the story of Betsey and Rachel Mark Devine, the urban cheesemakers behind Salvatore Bklyn. Fans of Salvatore Bklyn know it as one of richest, sweetest artisanal ricotta cheeses you can find anywhere (we love it on a good Miche or peasant bread).

Their inspiration? While on a trip to Italy, they met a trattoria owner named Salvatore and fell in love with his garlic-rubbed grilled bread served with ricotta, a little salt and a little olive oil. They loved Salvatore and his approach to food and life so much that when they came home they decided to go into business bringing a little bit of Salvatore’s ricotta goodness right here to Brooklyn.

One of our favorite parts of this story? All the different ways to say ‘ricotta.’  Enjoy!

The King of Ricotta: Salvatore Bklyn from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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