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Little ol’ Stinky Bklyn is all growed up! Carroll Gardens’ favorite treasure box of cheese, beer, and jamon has moved on up from its humble and cozy birthplace to some glamorous new digs just a few blocks north, at 215 Smith Street, between Butler and Baltic.

We’d been keeping an eye out over the past week for members of the Stinky clan running ham legs and rolling wheels of Taleggio up the sidewalk under the cover of darkness, but to no avail. After a wild week of moving all the merchandise and spiffing up the space. The new Stinky opened its doors yesterday.

Our paparazzi crashed their opening night party and managed to squeeze off a pic of owner Patrick Watson and manager Chris Remy before being thrown back onto the street by a horde of giant bouncers.

Patrick Watson and Chris Remy celebrate the opening of the new Stinky Bklyn

Our quick look confirmed that the place does indeed look dashing. In fact, we’re tempted to call it Grand Central Stinky.

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