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Sixpoint Craft Ales‘ pageant of ‘nano-keg’ (aka: canned) brews rolls on with the release this week of the Resin – a strong and hoppy double IPA.

The Resin joins the Crisp pilsner, Bengali Tiger IPA, Sweet Action cream ale, and the Righteous Rye ale in the Red Hook-based brewery’s full-time lineup of canned offerings. The year-round lineup is complimented by seasonal canned brews, like the Autumnation pumpkin brew and this winter’s Diesel stout.

Want to try the Resin? Sixpoint’s canned line is in wide distribution in Brooklyn – You’re sure to find it at your local craft beer shop, and you may even find it at your neighborhood supermarket. Just keep an eye out for the bright green and gold four-pack cube.

Of the beer, Sixpoint says:

“We zeroed in on the botanical structure of the hop cone to get to the essence of this beer… double IPA beers are naturally strong and strikingly hoppy. They are brewed with roughly twice the amount of hops in the average IPA, and have a considerably higher alcohol content. The hops’ essence is produced within hop cones at peak maturity, when their cores swell up with a sticky golden secretion — or resin. This bounty of natural fresh flavor is the simple inspiration for Resin.”

What? Not convinced? According to the brewery’s Resin release trailer, inside the can you’ll also find the power of the sun:

Expect a special spring seasonal to fill out the ‘nano-keg’ lineup in the coming months.

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