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It’s the time of year when many of us ham-fisted chefs (mmm, ham) try our best to imitate the pros with our Thanksgiving best. Luckily, some of Brooklyn’s seasoned culinary experts are here to dish out some advice that ranges from the practical “start washing dishes while you cook” to the subtle “don’t burn the olive oil” (via the Franks of Frankies 457 and Prime Meats). Celeb chef Bobby Flay talks stock –of the chicken variety–and explains when and how to cut the bird (it’s earlier than you think).

If you’re looking to get creative this year, Saveur provides 16 different ways to tackle your turkey, from grilling to sage-brine basting to a mole poblano turkey! The pics alone are worth a click, but we doubt many will have the audacity to try some of these on the Big Day (double-dare you!)

With the bird taken care of, you certainly can’t skimp on the sides! NY Times food writer Mark Bittman has kindly republished his maniacal list of 101 (!) Thanksgiving side dishes from last year. It includes everything from chutneys, stuffings and veggies to desserts and more.

And of course, what would the holidays be without a nice drink? GQ offers up a recipe for old-fashioned home-brewed beer. We mean really old-fashioned. As in George Washington literally made this beer! Really. If you’re more of a wine drinker, the Times offers some tips on choosing the right vintages to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes.

Or maybe you want to want to make it easy on yourself this year, skip the whole cooking thing and go out? Serious Eats has a list of restaurants that will be serving up their own Thanksgiving feasts. Brooklyn spots who made the list include Prime Meats, Fatty ‘Cue, Dressler and Dumont. The good folks at Bino on Smith Street weren’t listed, but we know they’ll be open as well.

If you’re thinking of doing the cooking at home but don’t want to do all the heavy-lifting, you can order bread, stuffing, and desserts from SCRATCHbread’s Thanksgiving menu. The SCRATCHbread crew is currently looking to raise money to expand their operations in their new Bed-Stuy digs, so if you chip in $50 to the cause, you’ll get a free portion SCRATCHstuffing with The Meat Hook’s country sausage.

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