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Sharon Beason founded Brooklyn Exposed – a blog covering all things Brooklyn, last April. To celebrate Brooklyn Exposed’s first anniversary, she decided to stage her first-ever event. And Brooklyn being Brooklyn, she thought, “Why make it an event about anything other than food?”

The event, called Tasting Brooklyn, will be help on Tuesday April 5 from 6:30-9pm at the DUMBO Loft in…you guessed it…DUMBO. Tickets are $45, all-inclusive.

We spoke with Sharon about her Tasting Brooklyn adventure.

Sharon, This sounds like a cool event. How did you come up with the idea?

Brooklyn Exposed is celebrating its one year anniversary. I wanted to do something to celebrate, and I wanted to do something we could repeat on an annual basis and more importantly do something that everyone would enjoy.

I personally love food, and I know our readers do too. Some of our most popular stories are food-related. There are a lot of food events out there, but not many done on an annual basis in Brooklyn, so it seemed to make sense.

So voila! Tasting Brooklyn was born!

How did you find your participating vendors?

I’ve built a great rapport with a lot of restaurants and food makers through Brooklyn Exposed. So I started by approaching some of the restaurants that we’ve reviewed. And I approached other restaurants that were personal favorites of mine.

I wanted to find a variety of cuisines, and some sweet things and some savory things. So I approached probably 50 restaurants and food makers, and I just included everyone who was excited about participating. I was really happy with the diversity of the restaurants and makers that came back and will be participating. It’s a great mix that really represents the diversity of Brooklyn itself.  We’ll have some really nice wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks too.

I actually wasn’t able to take everyone who wanted to participate. I have a wait list. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to include everyone next year!

How did you find the space?

The key for me was location. I had recently attended an event at the DUMBO loft and I really liked it. It was just the right size for Tasting Brooklyn. The location was really great too, and it’s a beautiful space!

How does it all work? You buy a ticket and then get to eat and drink anything you can get your hands on?

Yes – it’s all inclusive. General admission tickets are $45 and will get you in from 6:30-9pm. We had VIP tickets for an earlier group, but those are sold out!

So have you had fun putting this thing together?

Ha ha! You know, it’s the first event like this I’ve ever organized, and wow! It’s been a lot more work than I realized it would be! A little bit more than I bargained for! Let’s just say that I have learned a lot. It’s going to be a great event, and I think it’ll be a lot easier to put together next year!

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