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Team Talde. John Bush, Dale Talde, and David Massoni opened Talde in Park Slope yesterday. The menu displays Chef Dale's penchant for Asian-American fusion/comfort food.

Former Top Chef and Top Chef All Stars contender Dale Talde opened his eponymous Asian-American fusion/comfort food joint in the South Slope yesterday, with a far reaching, inventive menu, and no apologies.

As Chef Dale told Zagat, “The menu at Talde is basically comprised of my favorite things to eat. We’re calling the cuisine ‘Asian-American,’ and I don’t care if ‘fusion’ right now is a dirty word because I’m going to embrace it, because it’s who I am. Some of my favorite dishes are the black bean fluke — it’s a black bean brown butter that we sauté with pan-fried fluke, local from Long Island; and a smoked pork shoulder that we’re smoking for about 18 hours, really low and slow. We glaze it with a mustard and smoked miso marinade.”

Grubstreet writes that Talde is, “ ‘trying to take the dirty word out of fusion,’ and his menu reflects that: Phot roast combines ‘everything you’d find in pho and everything you’d find in a pot roast,’ while market ramen is an all-vegan soup based on seasonal veggies. That might sound like a contrast to other dishes, such as a reportedly intense barbecue platter, but Talde tells us, ‘The yin and yang — it’s very applicable to this restaurant.’”

Also on the menu? Shrimp Toast, Hawaiian Bread Buns (filled with your choice of Filipino pork sausage, crispy Long Island fluke or market vegetables), Korean Fried Chicken (with spicy yogurt, kimchee, grapes and mint), a Crispy Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai…and lots more. Here’s the opening menu:

Talde's opening menu.

Chef Dale seems to be hewing to the Brooklyn line with, throwing caution to the wind to embracing ‘fusion’ – a style of food that’s become decidedly ‘uncool’ – because that’s his food…the food he knows, that he wants to cook.

Will the food at Talde match the inevitable hype that comes with a restaurant helmed by a celebrity TV chef? Time will tell, but Talde already gets points for keeping it real.

Talde is located at 369 7th Avenue (at 11th Street), in the South Slope.

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