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What would go perfectly with that wine? A lute solo? The folks at The Winey Neighbor, a Prospect Heights wine shop, can help with all your music + wine pairing needs.

Everyone loves a good pairing. The right beer or wine with the right cheese creates an experience that sings with a combination of flavors far more sublime than its savory, sweet or acidic components. Now, a new Williamsburg taco joint and Prospect Heights Wine shop are pushing a new kind of species of pairing – music and food (yes, as 19th century poet and physician Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Wine is a food.”)

The Winey Neighbor, a Prospect Heights wine shop, pairs their wines with music, as well as food.

The Winey Neighbor, in Prospect Heights, offers a new take on wine pairings: Rather than simply suggesting foods to pair with their wines, they’ll match your bottle with the perfect soundtrack. Owners Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung and Young Jung were struck by the idea while enjoying a glass of red on a lazy afternoon:

“One afternoon while drinking a nice bottle of Merlot, listening to Nina Simone the warmth of the sun was blanketing our living room, we experienced that perfect moment of Harmony between Wine and Music.”

From that moment of inspiration, the game was on. Each bottle in the shop has a music suggestion. Like PJ Harvey? Pair her latest with the 2010 Cholila Ranch Malbec from Patagonia and some grilled sausage. Kanye more your speed? Try College Dropout with the Domaine Collin Cremant de Limoux, from the Languedoc – a gentle sparkling blend that’s also good with roasted nuts.  Beirut lover? Spin The Rip Tide and let yourself go with the 2008 Weingut Bruder Dr. Becker Scheurebe Kabinett, a dry, biodynamic white and some pate.

679 Washington Ave between Prospect Place and St. Marks Ave, (347) 715-6693

At Williamsburg's Whirlybird, Austin-style breakfast tacos are served with a side of locally-harvested indie rock.

Jeffrey Bailey brings two kinds of cred to Whirlybird, his new taco spot in Williamsburg: Indie cred (he’s played bass for Phosphorescent and Virgin Forest), and coffee cred (he’s a veteran of Williamsburg roaster Oslo Coffee). He was initiated into the cult of the breakfast taco while touring in Austin, and he decided to share them with Brooklyn by opening Whirlybird. Whirlybird’s tacos are made with all-organic ingredients, and are served up on crunchy-fried tortillas with scrambled eggs, Oaxaca cheese, housemade jalapeno-heavy salsa, and topped with a crumble of potato chips. The coffee is all freshly/locally roasted Olso.

The pairings? Bailey is curating the tunes to showcase the work of a rotating selection of musicians signed to local independent record labels.

Whirlybird, 254 South 2nd St between Havemeyer and Roebling, no phone


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