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By Jacque Lynn Schiller

Ditch Plains Drop-In is located at Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park

The new-ish Brooklyn Waterfront Park is one of those perfect spots to meet up with friends, chill out and enjoy the almost-alpine views of downtown Manhattan, the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, and the expanse of the harbor. The place is uniquely relaxing, while still always buzzing with life – Just-married couples posing for wedding portraits, children gleefully running around, thrilled with the proximity of the water and boats. Monday seemed the perfect day to pay a visit and simply appreciate the surroundings. The afternoon was made even sweeter with this latest find, a Ditch’wich from the Ditch Plains Drop-in.

A sucker for good packaging, these One Trick Pony-designed discs hold my other weakness – ice cream sandwiches. Made by hand at il laboratorio del gelato on the lower east side, the cookies are thick with a balanced chocolate flavor that pairs oh so amazingly with all of the fillings. I went for mint chocolate chip and must say I’m damn happy I made that choice. Delicious. Nothing artificial here, and they don’t skimp on the chocolate chunks.

Looking Good - a Ditch'wich pre Dig'in

Nona BK: Why a sandwich instead of a cone?

Marc Murphy : The Ditch’wich was born from my love of the original Chipwich, plus we do cones at our other restaurant, Landmarc. We wanted to do something different at Ditch Plains. It’s also easier to share than a cone so you can order more than one flavor.

What’s the best thing about your partnership with the Park?

This is our first venture into Brooklyn and we’re so excited to be a part of the community! The renovation of the park is amazing and so beautiful. We’re thrilled to be a art of it.

The Drop-In will remain open through November – a little later depending on the weather.  But don’t despair the arrival of winter! In just a few weeks they’ll deliever,  within the zone of north to Plymouth Street, south to Cranberry Street and east to Washington Street.

Drop in to the surf-styled shack at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1, Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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