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OK, so this is in no way food related, but we’re gonna go ahead and break the ‘just about food’ rule because we thought it was cool. Back in 1986, a German tourist shot about 10 minutes of video of subways passing through the Times Square station. After stumbling across the footage 25 years later, he, of course, posted it to YouTube. Nothing really happens in the video, but it’s kind of weirdly relaxing seeing graffiti-covered trains come in, and go out…come in and go out…like waves at the seashore, or a spring breeze riffling through the cherry blossoms. People are rocking some pretty dope ’80s styles too…probably because it actually is the 80s. We just can’t believe the dude didn’t get mugged standing around on the platform with an expensive camera for ten minutes. It was 1986! Thanks to Gothamist for unearthing this one.

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