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We asked Brooklyn makers, purveyors and chefs the question of the week: "What are you doing for the game?"

It’s the question on everyone’s lips this week. You’ll overhear it in crowded bars, on the subway, at your wine shop, your sandwich spot, your farmers market, and batted around between passersby on the street: “So, what are you doing for the game?”

For many, Superbowl Sunday, the nation’s biggest unofficial holiday, is as much about the food, company, and drink as it is about the game itself.  We asked a bunch of Brooklyn chefs, makers, and purveyors what they’ll be doing and eating come gametime, who they think will take the trophy -and what, if anything, their restaurants and shops are doing specially for the big game.

Saul Bolton chef/owner of Saul and The Vanderbilt

We always have a small gathering at our house in Prospect Lefferts. I guess four years is not ‘always’ but there is a pattern developing. We always invite our friends the Nyes who are prolific eaters.  So we make sure to have a good amount of vittles on hand and always a good amount of vegatarian dishes. Vegatarians are people too.

We have roasted pork shoulder, stewed red beans, a huge bowl of guacamole, rice, salsa verde, roasted peppers, warm tortillas, orange and radish salad and so on. Lots of  beer. Fire in the fireplace. Football on in the backround. Just hanging out. One of the best days of the year. And this year Amy Goode of Good Dirt Garlic from Maine is introducing us to the infamous hand sandwich, which will be the next craze!!

Giants will win 31-23.

Saul is a haven for the partners and friends of rabid football fans who seek shelter and good food until it’s all over.

The Vanderbilt has a great takeaway Superbowl package – food and drink to make any Superbowl party awesome. You get eight sausages (any combination of our house-smoked Kielbasa, beef brisket dogs or Weisswurst), three quarts of sides (Greman-style potato salad, beef brisket chili, and BBQ and bacon baked beans), all the fixins (potato rolls, homemade sauerkraut, tarragon mustard and pickle relish), a bag of chicharrones (our homemade pigskins) and a growler of beer – all for $50. Please orders in person at The Vanderbilt or by email at


Noah Bernamoff, ownerof Boerum Hill’s Mile End Delicatessen

I’ll be eating our Smoked meat poutine potato skins and drinking Miller High Life, and watching at an undisclosed location.

My pick for the game is Giants 24, Patriots 21.

We’re doing a special Mile End Superbowl menu, for which we’re accepting orders until noon on Thursday.  Highlights include smoked meat ‘poutine’ potato skins and our cows in a blanket (housemade mini-dogs wrapped in flaky pastry), and we offer delivery in Brooklyn for $25 and to Manhattan for $50.


Taylor Erkkinen, co-owner of Williamsburg’s The Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook

We’re not much in terms of football people, but I admit to enjoying a bit of spectacle. Plus, isn’t there an episode of Downton Abbey that night?

The Meat Hook is prepping for the ‘Holiday’ by offering a slew of fixins, including smoked pig heads! In addition to the regular selection of sausages and meats, we’ll have Brent’s Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tom’s Autentico Refried Beans, Chili Mac, Dry-aged burger blend, BBQ Meat – smoked, braised and sauced, smoked half-chickens, and bacon scallion dip. You can call ahead to reserve orders for pickup on Saturday or Sunday.

We will be opening early on Sunday (10-6) to allow for snack shopping, to prep the hungry masses for all the Giants versus all the Patriots.

Matt Gross, co-owner of Carroll Gardens’ Court Street Grocers

Eric (Court Street Grocer’s co-owner) and I went to art school, so I think I am supposed to say I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

I’d like to be eating an Italian Sub with too much vinegar and mayo on it from the Oldwick General Store (where I grew up in Jersey).

Of course we are for the New York team!  By how many points, no idea…

We hired a great new chef, named Josh Sobel, in the beginning of January and he is going to be doing A LOT of great food for the game. We’ll have sloppy joes, beef chili, vegetarian chili, chicken meatballs with Buffalo sauce, pulled pork, baby back ribs, puff-pastry-wrapped Texas Tommy – a cheddar and bacon-stuffed hot dog, shrimp, mini 6-foot subs, clam chowder (both kinds), dips, spreads, wings and sides.

You can find the full menu on our Facebook page. We will have it all ready to go in the shop on Saturday and Sunday.


Shane Welch, founder/President of Red Hook’s Sixpoint Craft Ales

I’ll be watching the game at home with my girlfriend Cathy Erway and the dogs. We’ll be eating Cathy’s guacamole with fresh tortilla chips, and drink Sixpoint Resin!

I’m picking the Giants  - 21-17


Jeff Gorlechen, Promotions Manager at Sixpoint

I will be eating at Bark Hot Dogs with my girlfriend Rebecca and drinking 6 different Sixpoint beers! Rooting for the Giants. Refuse to make a pick. We are serving Bark Red, Harbinger Saison, 7th Anniversary Belgian Red IPA, Autobahn IPA, Berliner Weiss, and Brownstone.


Scott Bridi, owner/charcutier of South Slope-based Brooklyn Cured

I can’t remember the last Super Bowl I didn’t watch with my boys from high school at someone’s house. We’re pretty good at channeling our ridiculous high school cafeteria humor every year for the big game.

Whether we’re 6 or 60 people, the one constant is a 6-foot hero on the table from Lioni (7803 15th Avenue) in the old neighborhood. Usually we style it out and get half American and half Italian. One year we must have ordered a super-sized version, because it was in the back seat of the car angled out the window because it wouldn’t fit across the seat. Side note: My friend Mike loves saying the word “gobigool” for cheap laughs the entire time we’re watching the game.

The Super Bowl is no place for craft beers. There’s usually a fridge full of Coors Light, Bud, and, on the higher end, Blue Moon.

I’m a lifelong Giants fan, so I’m pretty excited for the game. But as a New York Italian, I’m wary of jinxes, hubris, and any sense of entitlement. So I’ll just say this: If Eli Manning has the ball at the end of the game and it’s close, I’ll take my chances.

Brooklyn Cured has two special Super Bowl sausages available at the Park Slope Farmer’s Market on Sunday from 10 am to 4:30pm (at 5th Ave. between 4th and 5th St.) – Smoked BBQ Chicken and Bacon Sausage with our secret BBQ sauce, and Buffalo Chicken Sausage with celery seed and Frank’s Red Hot.

Also, Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe in Park Slope will have a sandwich special with our Buffalo Chicken Sausage all weekend.


Michael Kurtz of Greenpoint-based Mike’s Hot Honey

As a Pats fan I’m watching the game within the safe confines of my friend’s apartment in Greenpoint, where the crowd will be almost entirely Pats fans.

I’ll be making a game day bean dip which features my homemade salsa verde w/ roasted tomatillos, cilantro, garlic, onion, avocado, jalapeño & lime.  To be perfectly honest, I probably won’t have much of an appetite come game time.  My stomach is already in knots thinking about the Giant’s pass rush.

For drinks we’ll be drinking a potpourri of New England brews – Long Trail IPA, Allagash White, Berkshire Brewing Co. Steel Rail, Sam Adams…all the regulars.

I expect a close game. For me, turnovers are the big x factor.  Whoever wins the turnover battle is taking home the Lombardi trophy. That’s as far as I’ll go.  No score prediction.  I don’t want to jinx my team!


Doug Crowell, owner of Carroll Gardens’ Buttermilk Channel

I’m having a get together at my place. I’m not a huge football fan but I love the Superbowl. The Giants are going to crush the Patriots! I don’t actually eat it that often so this Sunday I’ll be taking home fried chicken from Buttermilk Channel.

We’re offering fried chicken, baby back ribs and sides for takeout before game or at halftime. The full menu is posted online. Customers need to pre order by phone by Wednesday.

I’m bringing home a keg of Southampton IPA to serve with it! The chicken I can sell you. For beer, you got to get your own.


Sean Rembold, executive chef at Williamsburg’s Marlow & Sons and Diner

Not sure how focused on the game I’ll be as our company holiday party will be taking place that evening at Roebling Tea Room.  I’m looking forward to snacking on whatever chef Dennis Spina may have in store for us.

As far as my pick it’s a touch difficult as I’m more of a college sports fan and tend to root for the Jets (muy triste) when watching pro ball.  So in terms of this match up, it’s a lesser of two evils sort of thing.  Not really wanting to root against a New York team, but I like Tom Brady’s experience in Super Bowls as well as his receivers, in particular Deion Branch.  I think it’ll come down to the last two minutes of the game.  Patriots by 4.


Brandon Gillis, co-owner of Park Slope’s Bark Hot Dogs

We are having our first annual Superbowl Tailgate Party at Bark with Sixpoint. I will be here with all our customers, eating dogs, sliders, wings, jalapeno croquettes and lots more, and drinking six different kinds of Sixpoint Ales.

I will be rooting for the Giants. Figuring on a 32 – 28 Giants win.


Eric Demby, founder of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg

I’ll either make a big chili or a giant thing of pasta. Usually I make a ton of guacamole for the first half, then eat dinner at halftime.

I’ll be watching the game at my apartment with a bunch of my longtime fellow Boston friends, plus my brother. We all grew up there, and I was born in Maine, raised in Boston, then went to high school in Connecticut, so I’m as New England as can be. Even though I’ve lived in New York since 1990, I’m still a diehard Boston fan in every sport. That stuff doesn’t fade.

I’m rooting for Pats, confident in a win, think we’ll win by about 10 points.

We’re not doing much special at the Flea. At SmorgasBrewery on Sunday we’ll have Danny Macaroons, Mighty Quinn’s (brisket and pork BBQ), Noshi (Swedish-Japanese cured fish on fresh bread) and Solber Pupusas


Kelly Taylor, founder/brewer of Clinton Hill-based Kelso of Brooklyn:

I’ll be drinking Kelso Nut Brown Lager, eating slow cooked pork tacos (braised in Kelso Nut Brown Lager) and homemade guac and chips. I’ll be at home with Sonya and the kids, and probably some family and friends.

I think it’ll be the Giants (team Manning) by 10. They have more desire I think. They want it more than Team Brady.


Beth Lewand, co-owner/cheese monger of Greenpoint’s Eastern District

As Philly and Baltimore fans, we’re not exactly biting our nails over this game. That said, we DO love a Super Bowl party. Especially the nachos and the wings. And we’ll probably be washing down that spicy food with some smoke beers, like Barrier’s Frau Blucher or one of the German Schlenkerla beers.

At Eastern District, we’re offering sandwich platters and meat and cheese trays starting at $6 per person. We’re putting together platters of all New York or all New England cheeses – and a few mixed platters for integrated parties. (Order platters 2 days in advance via or 718-349-1432.)


Craig Frymark, co-owner/co-brewer of Oceanside-based Barrier Brewing Co.

My fiancé are going to watch the game together in the comforts of our living room and I’m sure I’ll be enjoying a little Unimperial IPA while we make some potato skins and spinach & cheese dip in a fresh-baked spent grain bread bowl! Sadly, since brewing starts at 4am on Monday I’ll probably be in bed long before the game is over, but I’m rooting for the Giants and my prediction is Giants 72, Pats 3!!!

We do have a special beer we’re debuting at the brewery this Saturday during our growler fill hours (12-3pm) – Unimperial IPA – a 4.0% abv India Pale Ale that contains all the characteristics of an imperial IPA all wrapped up in a convenient little session ale. And just for fun, we’ll also have Dunegrass, our 7.9% Double IPA on tap to share in the festivities.

Also, immediate following growlers at the brewery, Evan and I are racing over to GRAB Sepcialty Foods in Park Slope for a tasting and growler-fill session from 4-7pm. We’ll have 5 beers on tap to sample and fill up on that evening: Mare Undarum Belgian IPA, Lights Out Stout, Sanity IPA, Bulkhead Red and Saisoff Saison – one of our newest creations, a 6.2% hoppy saison.


Matt Barclay, cellar manager at Park Slope’s Bierkraft:

I’m going to be making a huge pot of vegetarian chili while I avoid the football madness.  We don’t have a TV and our friends that used to have Super Bowl parties decided they’d rather have babies instead this year.  I’d rather have my eyes put out than watch a sporting event at a bar.  Most likely while I’m making the chili, I’ll be eating several of the Meat Hook bratwursts that we sell at the shop.  I will definitely be drinking Greenport Harbor’s Black Duck Porter by the growler full.

Although I won’t be watching the game I am confident that Giants will score all of the points, leaving the New Englanders with none.  In fact I suspect the Patriots might finish the game owing the Giants some points.


Renae Holland, owner/anchovy fryer ofFort Greene-based Bon Chovie:

Well, unfortunately Neill and I are probably the most lame folks for this one – not huge football people. Neill is going salmon fishing up north that weekend, and I’ll just use the occasion to indulge in my favorite guilty pleasure – wings and beer!

Go Giants!

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