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by Colleen Kane

The smell of bread baking is an old-world delight of which too many people are deprived in these times of modern convenience. Who would’ve thought bread could be such a sensory pleasure, until you experience it fresh?

We’re guessing Matthew Tilden of SCRATCHbread might have an inkling of such matters, because he describes his scandalous buttercream brownies as “sex in bar form.”

Tilden shies away from “baker” and other such titles— “I just rock food,” he says, also shying away from the camera, but that’s his tattoo in the photo (and that’s commitment).

You might know his company’s artisanal loaves and popovers from the Brooklyn Flea, but team SCRATCHbread is hoping you’ll know them from their SCRATCHshop storefront and bakery with take-out window soon.

In order to do that, they need help, so they threw an open house fundraiser on Sunday at their Bed Stuy headquarters to help fill their wish list (the pricey supplies they need to build the business includes a ventilation system for their smoky oven, baking racks, refrigeration, and a vehicle to transport it all).

The gang won over dozens of new converts to SCRATCHbread’s savory muffins and other delights, including some Nona readers and yours truly. (Why did it take this long for someone to put Mexican queso, lime, cilantro, corn and hot pepper in a puff of bread and call it a savory muffin? Thank you, SCRATCHbread, for a new way of delivering those flavors to my belly.)

Between sales of loaves and the smaller bites, priced at $1-3, they brought in $400 for the cause.

At press time their Kickstarter campaign was winding down to a September 2 close, and they raised pledges of about $10,000, but unfortunately it was less than half of the $25,000 they needed for the pledged funds to come through. But that’s not the end of their quest for funding; another campaign will be launched after Labor Day.

For details on SCRATCHbread’s progress, news on the opening on the walk-up bread window, not to mention details on their Brooklyn Flea appearances, keep it tuned here to Nona Brooklyn, and connect with SCRATCHbread on Twitter and Facebook.

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