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In its first season, Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg has served as a kind of never-ending debutante ball for a new generation of food rock stars.

As the dance has swirled around them, Bon Chovie (Renae and Neill Holland’s fried anchovy outfit), has attracted their fair share of ardent admirers. Neill and Renae just launched the ‘Bon Chovie Channel’ on Youtube, promising fishing updates (Neill is an avid angler), and all the latest on Bon Chovie.

We’re down with this ‘maker’s-own’ tv concept. Bon Chovie could be onto something here. Hey Smorgasburg – have you considered a Smorg network, featuring video episodes from all your vendors? We’d watch.

Back to the Chovie:

In episode 1, We learn that:

“Right now we’ve got a major influx of striped bass migrating south with the wintertime approaching the fish are pushing south for warmer water. These fish are rounding the tip of Montauk as we speak and are going to be finding their way down to Jersey and the Chesapeake Bay.

You can expect to catch these fish over the next few weeks with clams, bunker chunks, and you can catch them on artificial as well, like bucktail jigs, one of my favorites is a sprow jig in the color referred to as the magic bus – it’s yellow, black and white. You can catch those fish on foot right here around Manhattan, Coney Island or Jamaica Bay, or you can catch them from a boat. The fishing’s going to be fast and furious over the next few weeks, so make sure you get out there…”

We don’t even really fish, but this makes us want to. So cheers for that Bon Chovie TV.

Want to know more about Bon Chovie? Check out our conversation with Neill and Renae: Fishing, Romance & Rock n’ Roll

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2 Responses to Smorgasburg Faves Debut ‘The Bon Chovie Channel’

  1. Pops Chovie says:

    Hey Nona! – Love your idea about a SmorgChannel. That would be so cool! Really, who wouldn’t tune in for a ‘yaki ball tutorial with the ladies at Mimi+Coco OR maybe a Smokers101 class from our pal, Hugh, pitmaster at Mighty Quinn! – First things first, Renae and I want everyone to know what huge fans we are of NonaBrooklyn. You guys are right in step with the local food scene and we love ya for it. In fact we’ve learned a few things from NonaBK, ourselves! – So thanks for getting the good word around, and keep an eye on the the “Bon Chovie Channel” – we’re excited to have you all along…Rock+Roll~!~The Chovies

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