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The Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm is expanding to a second one acre rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Brooklyn Grange, already the planet’s largest rooftop farm, has signed a lease to cultivate 45,000 square foot (over an acre) rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, beginning this spring. The new plot will more than double the size of their total growing area, bringing them, “one giant step closer to realizing our vision of covering New York City with productive, edible green roofs.”

The Grange was able to secure the lease with a grant from the NYC Green Infrastructure Program, which seeks to improve water quality in New York harbor by reducing the amount of stormwater that tends to overwhelm the sewer system when it rains, causing runoff that adversely affects water quality.

So, in addition to the rooftop perch providing a highly-defensible source of food in the case of invasion, by absorbing rainwater in soil used to organically grow hundreds of varietals of produce, the Grange’s two acres of rooftop farm also improve the quality of the waters surrounding us.

Just something to think about the next time you’re eating a Brooklyn Grange or Eagle Street Rooftop Farm sky salad.

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