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Serious Eats pitted some of our finest local milks against each other in a steel cage taste-test last week. The cream-of-the-crop contenders included Milk Thistle Farm, Meadow Brook Farm, Battenkill Creamery, Hudson Valley Fresh, nymilk, Ronnybrook, and the Organic Valley Coop (the only high-temperature pasteurized, homogenized competitor in the bunch).

Organic Valley, outweighing the other competitors by millions of gallons, takes the belt in Serious Eat's taste test

We assume the awesome Evan’s Farmhouse Creamery had a concussion or a torn ACL or something or they fo’ sho’ would have competed for this title.

Interestingly (… or lamely perhaps?), Organic Valley won the taste test, but kudos to Serious Eats for pointing out that it’s possible that that’s a result of most of us having grown up on the ultra-processed, high-temp-pasteurized, homogenized stuff and therefore actually not really having a clue as to what real milk really tastes like. They also note that a rematch may be required in a few months, as the flavor of milk from pastured herds intensifies notably as that natural forage gets a whole lot lusher come summer.

The winner among the locals? Ronnybrook by a hair, with the rest of the pack so tightly bunched that the results were hard to call. The only exception? Hudson Valley Fresh finished a few point behind the rest. This is a great read. Cheers Serious Eats! Check it out here.

We did a post last month trying to navigate the matrix of variables that affect the flavor, texture and physical composition of milk, so if you want some reading to compliment the taste test, check it out here.

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