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Holiday procrastinators – We all know one. We may even be one. You know the story – some of us are so harried with work that we can’t find a minute to join the holiday shopping fray until we hit that t-minus, like TWELVE HOURS ’til Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Solstice/Whatever horizon like wall of bricks, and panic drives us into a last-minute gift scrounging frenzy.

With Love, From Brooklyn is offering free two-day shipping on their collections of local good food treats. Order by Thursday, December 22 at 3pm with code 'Nona' for free two-day shipping in Brooklyn.

Others do it by design – some shopping strategists swear that waiting until the last possible second to shop for, or to even think about holiday gifts saves them weeks and weeks that would be otherwise wasted contemplating the perfect present, negotiating vast crowds and inching through interminable lines by consolidating the process into one superhero movie action sequence-like three hour shopping spree.

Well, holiday procrastinators’ lives will be a little easier this year, thanks to the launch of With Love From Brooklyn. Brooklynite and CIA-graduate Dara Furlow’s new website has just begun offering a variety of “curated gift selections by Brooklyn artisans.” They’re collections of treats you might pick up on an afternoon at Smorgasburg, only someone else does the shopping for you and you just get to sit around all afternoon eating like 10 Asia Dogs. And they ship. Think about it – you don’t even have to brave the horrors of hordes of last-minute shoppers.

The baskets range in price from $42 to $85 and each has a different theme. “Breakfast in Breukelen” includes Brewklyn Grind Hawaiian Estate Kona coffee, stroopwafels from The Good Batch, granola by Granola Lab, Anarchy in a Jar 3’s Company Mixed-Berry jam, and a Claudia Pearson Brooklyn tea towel. The “Pig Island” basket errs on the side of bacon with Ovenly Old Salties (bacon fat-roasted Old Bay peanuts) and Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn, Nunu Chocolates Bacon Toffee bar, and Bacon Marmalade.

The best part for the holiday procrastinators out there? If you order by 3pm on Thursday, December 22, you can get free two-day shipping. That means you can order up some gift collections of ‘good food’ treats made by by local entrepreneurs, and have them arrive wherever you want them to arrive on Christmas Eve. At no additional cost.

Use discount code (enter Nona at checkout) for free shipping.

Dara’s also hosting a Last-Minute Lounge party at Dean Street (the pub) on Thursday from 5-7pm, with special $6 cocktails and discounted $25 gift bags. Details here.

Christmas is saved!

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