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The Brooklyn food world has passed a notable waypoint on the way to…wherever we’re going. (It’s the journey that matters, people!) Yes, it’s officially been sitcom-ized.

CBS debuted ‘Two Broke Girls‘ last night – a show focused on two young women trying to start a cupcake business, in Brooklyn.

Predictably, the show didn’t in any way capture the look or feel of anything like Brooklyn, but in a rather bizarre twist considering the series’ Brooklyn/cupcake plot, an astute viewer noticed an actor that appeared to be a dead ringer for Matt Robicelli of Robicellis cupcake fame. Coincidence? Inside joke from a Brooklyn cupcake-loving producer at CBS?

The debut of Two Broke Girls, a CBS sitcom about two women trying to open a cupcake business in Brooklyn, featured an appearance by an actor with an uncanny resemblance to Matt Robicelli, someone who actually HAS started a cupcake business in Brooklyn. Coincidence?

The real Matt Robicelli. (Note lack of headband.)

Word spread like wirdfire across the Twitterverse. We had a quick chat with Allison, Matt’s wife and partner in crime/cupcakes, about the doppelganger incident.

How did you become aware that an actor looking suspiciously like your husband showed up on the debut of a sitcom about two women starting a cupcake company in Brooklyn? How did events unfold?

Twitter- how else.  We were driving home from a trip to Jersey, and Matt looks at his phone and just goes “OH MY GOD- THAT GUY STOLE MY FACE”. We didn’t even know what show it was from- our friend Rob Blatt had just sent a camera grab of their tv to us over Twitter, and people started RTing it.  I thought he was exaggerating until we got home and I was able to look at it myself.  We didn’t even see the show- we dont have any time to watch tv, so we got rid of cable.  We sure as hell will be watching it once it’s available online.

Do you think it’s possible that this is a coincidence?


How did this make you feel?

It’s pretty hilarious.  Matt’s a pretty recognizable person as it being that he’s 6’6″ and built like a linebacker- plus the red hair and beard, and the fact that the guy makes freaking CUPCAKES for a living.  He gets stopped on the street all the time from people recognizing him, which in itself we find ridiculous.  So to have a show about Brooklyn, cupcakes, AND have someone looking like one of the most recognizable people in cupcakes- well, that’s just a perfect storm of bizarre.

Has Matt considered switching from cupcakes to acting?

He’ll probably make more money. I’ll encourage it.

What do you think is funnier, the sitcom or the real thing?

I haven’t seen the show, but I’ll guarantee that our lives are more hilarious. One thing that attracted me to Matt more than anything is how funny he is, and I’ve been told I’m not too shabby in the humor department myself.  The reason our marriage works so well is that when we’re not screaming at each other, we’re laughing all the time.  I’ve also got the sterotypically hilarious Italian extended family, and that’s always played well in the movies.

Plus we’re balanacing a growing small business, raising two kids, two crazy cats AND our marriage in New York City- wackiness is bound to happen……..AND DOES!!!

So the Brooklyn food world is now being sitcom-ized. Thoughts on that?

Didn’t all these new people show up here to either start a band, a food business or write a screenplay? Wasn’t this inevitable?

What do you think it’ll be next? Soap opera? Reality show?

I would LOVE to see the Brooklyn Food Scene done as a soap opera.  The reality of all our lives is pretty much work, sleep, repeat, and our social lives pretty much consist entirely of running into each other at markets or events.  If someone wants to write a fan fiction soap opera about all of us, I would highly encourage it.  Just make a note that if anyone touches my husband, I WILL cut them.  I don’t care if it’s only in a screenplay- HE’S MY MAN! YOU KEEP YOUR GODDAMN HANDS OFF!

For all the latest from the Robicellis (including weekly flavors, locations, and several hilarious blog posts every week), check out their website.


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