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Get mom what she really wants for Mothers Day: Beer. We've got some special Mothers Day beer picks from Bierkraft, Eastern District, and Breuckelen Bier Merchants.

Mothers Day is here. Rather than trying navigate the pre-holiday mosh pit in the Hallmark aisle of the Local Duane Reade or elbow our way through the mobs grabbing for preservative-gassed, cellophane-wrapped flowers at the bodega, we thought we’d look for something really special for the moms in our lives this year: Beer.

Truth be told, what mom probably really wants more than anything else on the big day is for everyone to clear out of the damn house and leave her alone to enjoy a nice cold, deliberately selected Mothers Day beer, in the presence of the one thing moms need most – a little peace, quiet, and solitude.

To guide us on our quest for the perfect Mothers Day brews, we took it straight to a few of the borough’s experts. Here are their picks.

Matt Barclay, cellar manager at Park Slope’s Bierkraft

Jolly Pumpkin IO Saison Baudelaire – One of my spring time favorites. It starts its life as a Belgian style farmhouse ale, brewed with rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus. After primary fermentation it hangs out in oak barrels and picks up some sourness and funk. Deliciously tart and refreshing, this beer needs to be drank outside on a beautiful lazy May Sunday. Depending on what type of mom your mom is, you might get bonus points for the fact that beer is pink.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon – It’s not easy being a mom. Nothing takes the edge off like this beer. The watermelon is going to raise some red flags, but this isn’t a sticky syrupy mess. Real watermelon juice and rind bring an incredible aroma of luscious fruit to a bone dry and easy drinking American wheat ale. Do yourself a favor and buy it by the six pack, she’s gonna need ‘em.

Birrificio del Ducato Beersel Mattina – Another sour ale. This is a special version of the brewer’s breakfast saison. The base beer, a low alcohol farmhouse ale brewed with coriander, ginger, green pepper and chamomile, gets blended with lambic from Drie Fontenein. The perfect brunch beer, it pairs well with just about everything. Incredibly smooth and sessionable, enough that mom doesn’t have to share.

Beth Lewand and Chris Gray, owner of Greenpoint’s Eastern District

For a bright, crisp beer that tastes of spring, treat mom to a Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. It features the distinctive Japanese Sorachi Ace hop, which adds a lemony aroma and somewhat cedar-like, woodsy flavor. The champagne-like carbonation gives it a celebratory feel.

Like the Sorachi Ace, Goose Island’s Lolita is a Belgian style ale, but this slightly sour version is fermented with fresh raspberries in oaken Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Some fruit beers are overly sweet and syrupy, but the sweet and sour balance in Lolita tastes natural and sophisticated.

If mom prefers a German-style wheat beer (Hefeweizen), it doesn’t get much better than Schneider Weisse. Fizzy and ultra-refreshing, with hints of banana and clove, it seems to taste especially great when drunk outdoors.

For a more American-style brew, give a bottle of Zoe from Maine Beer Company. It’s a delicious hoppy amber ale, not quite an IPA but with some extra zing, balanced by caramelly malt.

And now for something completely different: a hoppy dark ale called Fourteen, brewed in honor of the Ithaca Beer Company‘s 14th anniversary. It smells of citrusy, piney hops, but tastes more like roasted malt, with hints of chocolate and coffee. A great choice for a mom who likes adventure.

And from the crew at Greenpoint’s Breuckelen Bier Merchants

Off the top of our head, selected from what’s currently in our store, and for obvious reasons, we suggest:

  • Keegans Mother’s Milk
  • Fort Collins Kidd Lager
  • Ithaca Flower Power
  • Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. We can only hope we’ll frustrate you a little bit less after you’ve enjoyed one of these specially-selected craft brews. Cheers! Because, you’re the best.

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