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McClure's Pickle Potato Chips debut this weekend

By Joanna Shaw Flamm

The flavor of a potato chip soaked in pickle juice is to die for, but the texture leaves something to be desired. Never fear! The pickle masters at McClure’s Pickles (Brooklyn-based brother Bob and Detroit-based brother Joe) have teamed up with Detroit-based Better Made for their newest venture: pickle flavored crinkle cut potato chips.

Bob McClure chatted with us about the origins of the pickle/potato chip partnership:

Last November, I thought of an idea to make cucumber crisps and started experimenting with dehydrating cucumbers in Brooklyn. Simultaneously, a fan tweeted out her desire to have her two favorite snack items together: a McClure’s Pickle and Better Made Potato Chips. Better Made got in touch with us after seeing the tweet thread and that’s where it all began.

Better Made has been making potato chips since the 1930′s so they have a long track record of making great potato chips and snacks in the Detroit area. Since we too are a Detroit (and Brooklyn!) brand, we thought it would be great to work with another company from Detroit to create a national product that would go along with our line.”

The chips will be $1.75 for a 2.5 oz. bag, and they’ll come in two flavors: Spicy Pickle and Garlic Dill Pickle. According to McClure, you’ll be able to find them starting this weekend at The Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, The Bedford Cheese Shop, The Brooklyn Kitchen, Brooklyn Farmacy, Stinky Bklyn, Choice Greene, Depanneur, and Bklyn Larder. Sounds like they’re on their way to world snack food domination!

(h/t Cool HuntingGrub Street)

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