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by Cathy Erway

Another Saturday at Grand Army Plaza, another swell of visitors shopping for greens. The Greenmarket had plenty of them on display, from the fluted ramps at Wilklow Orchards to the seedling trays of Asian greens at Evolutionary Organics. While awkardly pushing my bike through the thin aisles at Kernan Farms’ stands scoping out the asparagus, I spied one neighbor just adding a bunch to her already well-padded bags. There seemed to be a lot of greens creeping out from them, so I stopped her to casually ask what they were.

Vicky Bierman, loading up for the week at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Name: Vicky Bierman

Neighborhood: Kensington

Age: 47

Occupation: Art Director

What are you most excited about purchasing today?

I have ramps in my bag, and I’m going to roast them with my asparagus.

What else did you get?

A bunch of radishes. I’m probably going to slice them and sautee them with a little bit of butter. Now, what I’m going to add to that to make a big meal I’m not sure. But that’s the initial plan.

Why do you like shopping at the Greenmarket?

Because I like supporting the farmers and supporting open streets by default, and the community.

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