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The Brooklyn Kitchen’s ‘Bug Dinner’ event last weekend garnered a whole lot of press. At the event, Philip Ross, creator of the San Francisco-based CRITTER Salon, led a four-course Mexican-themed pairing of edible insects and fine alcohols, including wax moth larvae ceviche paired with Brooklyn Lager, and grasshoppers paired with San Honesto Mezcal. Uh…yum?

The Weekly World News, that famed bastion of informed journalism actually previewed the event last week, running the story alongside other shocking news including ‘Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death?,’How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil,’ and ‘Michele Obama’s Short Shorts.’ All of which doubtlessly led many to wonder whether it was actually “fo’ real.”

Well, it turns out the event really was for real, which we now know for sure because the New York Times actually sent a reporter to cover it and everyone knows they never make anything up, at least intentionally. They did interviews and took pictures, video and everything! Click here to relive the evening in all its glory.

Here at Nona, we just want to know how many of those bugs were of the local, all-natural free-range variety.

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