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Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your summer grilling – Brooklyn-style:

The Meat Hook (100 Frost Street in Williamsburg) has gotten rave reviews since opening last fall, and with good reason: they have exceptional products. Co-located in the same building as Brooklyn Kitchen, The Meat Hook sources its delectable product from local and sustainable farms and makes most items in-house. Trust us, one look behind the butcher’s counter and you’ll be hooked (sorry, that pun couldn’t be avoided). Fill the kids’ bellies–or your own–with their nitrate-free hot dogs ($12.99/lbs, about 8-9 dogs per pound), handmade in the shop with pasture-raised, grass-fed beef from Kinderhook Farm just upstate. They’ve also got a unique ham steak, made from pig’s leg, that’s perfect for the grill and for anyone who wants to mix things up a bit. But the culinary tour de force is definitely the Man Steak (yeah, that’s what it’s called): a 5-week dry-aged, pinbone sirloin that feeds between 4-10 hungry people. At $15 per pound, that’s about half what you’d pay for most porterhouse chops, but just as tasty!

If Staubitz Market is the place you always seem to walk by (222 Court Street at Warren) but haven’t been to yet, we’ll give you a reason to check it out. A longtime Brooklyn institution for those in-the-know (since 1917), the Staubitz crew always serves up its famous Niman Ranch pulled pork and slow-smoked, St. Louis-style BBQ ribs if you’re looking for some great ‘cue. But for those of you headed out of town, Staubitz has another great option: the Weekend Package, where they’ll work with you to build a customized package of hot dogs, sausages, meats, and anything else you want, neatly wrapped up and packed in ice for your journey. And better yet, they’ll do this all for free for their grill-lovin’ brethen (and sis-stren)!

G Esposito and Sons (357 Court St), aka The Pork Store, is a Carroll Gardens classic that’s a mandatory voyage for any pork-lover or grill master. For sausage aficionados, they’ve got some excellent summer grilling choices, including a tomato-basil sausage and a pepper + onion sausage ($7/lbs for each). For those looking to shake things up, you can ask them to hit you up with some Spiedini (pictured), a pork tenderloin and mozzarella shish kebab with olive oil and bread crumbs. Expert grillers only–just kidding, these are really easy and really tasty.

Love fish on the grill but worried about where it’s coming from these days? The guys at Fishtales on (191 Court Street) have you covered. They get up at 2am to be first in line at NYC’s New Fulton Fish Market, and they tell us the swordfish, halibut, and salmon are looking fantastic. If you want to cook something up that’s light, tasty, and very quick, any one of those on the grill is a fantastic way to lighten up the meal.

Red Hook Lobster Pound (284 Van Brunt St) has become an icon of the New Brooklyn Food Scene by putting a BKLYN-spin on a once-fancy food: lobster. What do we mean by BKYLN-spin? Quite simply, a focus on sourcing the best freshest lobster directly from the boats harvesting them in the Gulf of Maine, and a dedication to making the best, most authentic traditional lobster rolls you can get in New York City minus all the fuss and frills of our neighbor to the West. Owners Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich bring the lobsters down directly from Maine in the back of her tricked-out van in just a few hours (they stay nice and cool in their kiddie pool), and the freshness is insane. They are great in the old-school boiled approach, but if you haven’t tried lobsters on the grill before, please, just put a lobster-shaped search light in the sky and we’ll come over and help you. We’ll work for food, as usual.

Have more to add to this list? Feel free to let us know at or in the comments below!

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