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Annie Novak, picking lettuce by skyline light at Greenpoint's Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

When Annie Novak of Greenpoint’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm put the word out that she’d be opening the roof for a night harvest last night, we knew we’d have to stop by. No, not gonna miss a chance to pick a trove of fresh salad greens on a rooftop farm while basking in the glory of the Manhattan skyline at night.

We arrived shortly after dark to find a bucolic scene – rows already bursting with greens; Annie and a friend sitting by the roof’s edge chatting and enjoying the summer-like night. While 60 feet of Christmas lights are on order for the next night harvest, the only light this night came from the glittering skyline across the river and its reflection off the clouds above.

Annie guided us through the dark rows to patches overflowing with lettuce, arugula, and some delightfully spicy mustard greens. Our haul? Overflowing bags of all three. Our mission? Lure people over for dinner, then ply them with the best skyline and starlight-kissed hours-old salad they’ve ever had.

Yes. This is why we love Brooklyn.

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