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Vegetable CSAs are thriving in Brooklyn, but because of the high demand, it can be tough to get your share (see Food Coop above). Happily, farmers are starting to bring different types of produce to our neighborhoods. Red Jacket Orchards recently launched a fruit CSA which features over 25 varieties of apples.

There’s good news for meat lovers, too. High Point Farms will be bringing their pasture-raised beef, pork and chickens to Brooklyn from December through February.

Tina from High Point writes: “Each share is a mix of Grass-fed beef, Pasture Pork and Free-Range Chicken (they also offer a non-pork share). The cows graze on grass in the summer, hay in the winter, and are not fed any grain. The pigs are pasture-raised on organic feed, and the chickens freely roam the farm, feeding on bugs, grass, grain and whatever else nature provides. All animals are raised in humane manner without the use of any growth hormones or antibiotics. All meat is delivered frozen so there is no need to hurry to consume it.”

Brooklynites will be able to pick up their shares at the Crop to Cup/Bread Meats Bread café at 139 Atlantic Ave (between Clinton and Henry) every other Thursday from 4:30-7pm. Click here to register.

Cheese and Egg shares from neighboring farms are also available.

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