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Do or Dine’s ‘fine diving’ experience is not for the faint of heart.  When LXTV host Maria Sansone recently visited the Bed-Stuy restaurant to investigate the buzz, she found herself  staring her food fears in the face. After tackling a whole-fried sea bass with a mohawk of golden roe (roehawk) and a grin full of pointy teeth, she left a convert to Do or Dine’s innovative, creative, well-executed, and f’ing hilarious food.

Asked to describe the restaurant, co-head chef Justin Warner says:

“Do or Dine is what we like to call an American Izakaya with a focus on fine diving. Fine diving is the idea of some highbrow elements mixed with some lowbrow elements.”

Front-of-house man Luke says: “It’s kind of like satire for the culinary world. We honor our heroes by tearing them down.”

On the chefs lack of formal culinary training? Justin: “We’ve always been cooking and hanging out and drinking and laughing and saying, ‘why don’t we try it this way, or this way?’ This kind of playing kitchen kind of evolved into, ‘OK, let’s take this seriously, but not seriously, and see what makes sense.’”

The crazy thing? It’s working.

For more on the story behind Do or Dine, check out our conversation with the crew: Post-Modern: Do or Dine Brings ‘Fine Diving,’ Heart Attacks and Halalipops to Bed-Stuy.

Or try Baked Apples with Wasabi Marshmallows from Do or Dine, Justin’s contribution to our Thanksgiving Potluck Special.


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