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The latest episode of Vice Media’s Munchies follows Cal Elliott, chef and owner of Williamsburg’s Rye restaurant, out for a boozy night on the town. Cal and friends hit Samauri Mama for udon paired with way too many shots of Irish whisky, before returning to Rye where Cal takes a shot at making braised short rib grilled cheese sandwiches with Taleggio and frisee for everyone in the house.

How did they turn out? Says Cal:

“Any imperfections in these sandwiches is 100% to do with the cook. I didn’t follow the steps because I drank too much and I didn’t give a fuck and that’s cooking 101. Every step of the way, you have to care. And if you skip one step, you end up with what we have tonight, which is a piece of shit.”

Cal Elliott is not the type to let a sandwich beat him: He brought back the short rib and Taleggio grilled cheese, cleanly executed this time, as a brunch special at Rye last week.

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