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Vice Media’s Munchies recently did their ‘take a chef out on the town, get them wasted, make them cook and shoot it all on video’ thing with the crew from Boerum Hill’s Mile End Delicatessen.

This episode’s adventure takes owners Noah Bernamoff and Rae Cohen, with chef Sam Fillaramo and partner Max Levine, across the bridge to Russ & Daughters for caviar-spiked soft-scrambled eggs on sliced challah, herring, and shots of 160 proof vodka from New Jersey; followed by a quiet, relaxing dinner at Sammy’s Roumanian Steak House and a return to the kitchen at Mile End, where Noah whips up a batch of their signature poutine (French fries topped with cheddar curds and gravy) topped with Sammy’s steak.

This show should just have its own entire cable channel.

Noah, on why he quit law school to open a Jewish Delicatessen:

“New York is like the most Jewish place in the world. Even more Jewish in many ways than Israel. And it really struck me that all these well-represented cultures in the city have more restaurants than you can count. Except Jews – we just have like, three.”

On Russ & Daughters: “It’s an amazing place. You walk in there and it’s just like, “Whoa. This place hasn’t changed in as many years as it’s been open. I think it’s been open like 85 years now. And what’s so cool is you can look up and see the photos of the original owners or even the second or third generation of owners, and you look at where they’re standing in the store, and you look at that spot in the store and there are actually the same products sitting in the same cases in front of them. When I see that, it’s unbelievable. The history is profound.”

On Sammy’s: “It’s so insane…He was chirping us! He was like, ‘Look at you fucking Jews dancing around in the middle of the room!’”

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