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  • Whisk Jan 24

    Tomorrow, come join us as we say farewell to BaconMarmalade! They’re closing up shop and moving to Mallorca, so it’s your last chance for baconmarmalade romance from 6-8…

  • Whisk Jan 05

    We had a great dinner at Ho’ Brah out in Bay Ridge last night – killer tacos! – thanks to the Robicelli’s for the recommendation, and if you’re out there, check it out! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ho-Brah-taco-joint/142743322480218

  • Whisk Dec 22

    Sodastreams are here but going fast!

  • Whisk Dec 21

    We sold out of bacon marmalade in a DAY! Never fret, we’ll have more this afternoon, then that’s it!

  • Whisk Nov 10

    We just got in more Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters! 4 bottles of a new flavor – Apple Cider! Hurry in and grab ’em before they’re all gone!

  • Whisk Oct 14

    Limited quantities of Brooklyn Honey are here! $16 for a whopping 16 ounce jar!

  • Whisk Oct 07

    New bloggy blog, all about La Chamba clay cookware! http://www.whisknyc.com/1513/la-chamba-is-back-in-stock/

  • Whisk Oct 05

    Brand spankin’ new bitters from Hella Bitter are here – Sage! From a local CSA, too!

  • Whisk Sep 19

    Ceramic nonstick frying pans are back in stock! Hurry in, they’re going fast (as usual!)

  • Whisk Sep 14

    A new blog post – how to season a cast iron pan! http://www.whisknyc.com/1492/how-the-do-i-season-a-cast-iron-pan/

  • Whisk Aug 09

    Remember our famous Julia Child prayer candles? We’ll have a limited number for sale on Saturday!

  • Whisk Jul 02

    Holiday weekend is here! We’re open, and stocked on grills – however, if you need one, the sooner you get here, the better!

  • Whisk Jun 22

    New bitters are here! Hella Bitters are made right here in Williamsburg and we’re the only place you can get them! Citrus and Wormwood in stock now, Kumquat Vanilla coming soon!

  • Whisk Jun 18

    Coming soooon- bitters from Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters. Black mission fig, rhubarb, meyer lemon and (wait for it) SRIRACHA!

  • Whisk Jun 17

    We just got a HUGE order in of all sorts of grill gear – so swing by and pick up something for your Dad!

  • Whisk Jun 09

    Get crabs! We’ve got crab mallets in stock.

  • Whisk Jun 03

    New LeCreuset is here! We’re all smitten with the ceramic manual citrus juicers. So cute!