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Watty & Meg is a new American restaurant that looks and feels as if it has been a neighborhood landmark for years. Located in the historic Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, Watty and Meg was named for the tales of entropy, love and chaos that accompany the general life span of most restaurants, especially those that are inspired by a passion for food and people. We serve imaginative, contemporary fare with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. We have a great selection of international wines and beers that complement the vibrant menu.


  • Watty & Meg Feb 25

    It is Monday, therefore it is Burger Night. You know the drill! Come by for a juicy Black Angus Beef Burger or Housemade Veggie Burger with our Hand-cut French Fries & can of Miller High Life for $10. Kitchen opens at 5pm!

  • Watty & Meg Feb 18

    Burger Night begins at 5pm. Come and get a delicious burger (beef or veggie) with our hand-cut french fries and a can of Miller High Life!

  • Watty & Meg Feb 08

    Tables are still available for Valentine’s Day. Call 718-643-0007 to reserve or visit http://www.wattyandmeg.com/ to book through Open Table!

  • Watty & Meg Feb 07

    Rumor has it there’s a blizzard headed towards the Northeast! better safe than sorry, come out tonight for dinner and load up on tasty food that will keep you warm. Try Chef Mary’s Spice Crusted Red Grouper Pickled Ginger Garlic Confit Risotto Cakes and Roasted Corn Puree.

  • Watty & Meg Feb 02

    Pizza delivery sucks.
    Let Watty & Meg feed your Super Bowl cravings.
    Pick up all night long 5-10pm.

  • Watty & Meg Jan 31

    10% of our proceeds on 3/10 will benefit Food Bank 4 NYC for Time Out For Hunger, a Time Out NewYork partnership http://bit.ly/eG31Ne

  • Watty & Meg Jan 24

    Only three weeks until Valentine’s Day! We have a romantic corner table all ready for you and your special person. Check out Chef Mary’s specials on our website!

  • Watty & Meg Jan 14

    Monday Burger night starts at 5pm. Come get a delicious Burger (beef or veggie) with Hand-cut French Fries and a can of Miller High Life until 10pm!

  • Watty & Meg Dec 31

    We’re getting ready to celebrate with you tonight! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Watty & Meg Dec 28

    Baklava with pulled pork, covered in apricot glaze and pistachios? Reserve today for New Years Eve.. Only a few openings.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 27

    Have you ever wondered what baklava would taste like if it was made with pork and covered in apricot glaze and pistachios?

    Find out by reserving today for New Year’s Eve. We still have a few openings.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 18

    Stop by for dinner tonight and try Mary’s Pretzel crust on Red Snapper with Wahani Rice, Pecans, Haricot Vert, and Sundried Cherries!

  • Watty & Meg Dec 17

    Start your week of with Monday Burger Night at Watty & Meg. A burger (beef or veggie), hand-cut french fries, and a can of Miller High Life for $10!

  • Watty & Meg Dec 16

    It may be gloomy outside but we’ve got enough Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas to raise your spirits! Stop by for brunch and try a delicious bowl of Roasted Corn Bisque with Coriander and Rosemary Crema.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 13

    Korean BBQ Brisket with cauliflower purée and griddled sweet potato

  • Watty & Meg Dec 13

    Red Anjou Pear and Cranberry Tart served with vanilla gelato. Just the thing for a not too sweet finish.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 11

    No matter how it began, finish off your Tuesday right. With a bowl of sweet potato bisque and a glass of Chinon. Guaranteed to make the week feel shorter.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 09

    Sunday brunch! Duck in from the rain and get yourself a hot bowl of Lobster Bisque with Maine Lobster and Applewood Smoked Bacon.

  • Watty & Meg Dec 03

    Stop by Watty & Meg tonight for Monday Burger night! $10 for a Black Angus Beef or Housemade Veggie Burger with hand-cut french fries and a can of Miller High Life. Your wallet and your tummy will love you.

  • Watty & Meg Nov 27

    Take shelter from the ”Wintry Mix” tonight at Watty & Meg. Try a delicious Lavender-dusted Trout with Haricot Verts, Golden Beets, Chanterelles, and Beet Oil.

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