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Thirst was founded on the notion that we will sell only delicious wines made as naturally as possible. We search out wines that aren’t on steroids--what we like to call slow wines. Slow wines are the opposite of industrial wines. Industrial wines are mass-produced wines made from high-yielding irrigated vineyards, with grapes grown with herbicides and pesticides, mechanically harvested, engineered with lab yeasts, artificial flavors and stabilizers.


  • CIDER WEEK Bad Seed Cider Tasting This Afternoon!

  • Piemontese Tasting Tonight! Our series of Thursday night tastings continues with Enrique Ibanez pouring in-store from 6pm to 8pm.

  • 15% off the wines served for those of you that come to our dinner with Serge.

  • We’re planning a fantastic menu for Wednesday’s dinner at thirstbaravin to go with Serge’s terroir-driven wines. Hope you can make it. If you’re interested, you should reserve your spot(s) now.

    Also we have a free wine tasting at the store tonight!

  • Canary Islands tasting tonight from 6-8pm.

  • New vintage of a Staff Pick is back: 2011 La Volcanique is in the house.

  • Tasting tonight from 6-8pm! Come and taste a selection of wines from Pascal Janvier. Pascal and his wife Dominique rent sixty-six different parcels (a total of nine hectares) of land and farm it entirely themselves. The result: some of the best dry Chenin Blanc in the world as well as a cool, light-bodied red made from an indigenous red grape called Pineau d’Aunis.

  • We’re excited about new Zev Rovine wines that we tasted yesterday with him that arrive tomorrow.

  • Eric Asimov: ”I want wine that excites me, that feels so good to drink that one sip urges on the next and the next after that. I want a wine that tells a story of a place and a people and a culture, that is not the predictable equivalent of a franchise restaurant but more like a little mom-and-pop’s, where you’re not always sure what you’ll find but you know it can have the capacity to inspire.”

  • Some of the wines back in stock: Villemade Sauvignon Blanc, Payral Bergerac Blanc Sec, Pepiere Muscadet, Rimbert…

  • Insiders’ View: Staff Picks! #constantcontact

  • We love this oxidative white wine from one of our heroes, Didier Barral. Unfortunately we got just a smidgen, but that’s a smidgen more than is usually available as this wine has generally been unavailable in the US.

  • Chill Out With Cool Reds.

  • Maxime’s wines are delicate yet precise, and this rosé is no exception. It’s made of 30% Cinsault, 30% Grenache Noir, 20% Carignan & 20% Grenache Blanc from 80-year-old vines grown in limestone and schist.

    Maxime has nine parcels spread over eleven hectares, with steep vineyards that reach high altitudes. This is incredibly tough terrain to farm because there’s virtually no top-soil, just pure rock with schist and limestone subsoils and garrigue. Most of his vineyards are in the sub-appellation Hautes Corbières, bordering Fitou to the South.

  • The new issue has just arrived!

  • An awesome recent arrival — Gamay planted in volcanic soil (hence the name). Yes, serve slightly chilled.

  • In addition to Occhipinti SP68 Bianco & Rosso, Pallieres Gigondas Rose arrives tomorrow.

  • for our hardcore La Clarine Farm fans. Unfined & unfiltered, 12.7% alcohol, Syrah/Mourvedre. We could only get one case of it — so get a bottle while you can. Certain to disappear fast. To spread the wealth, limit of one bottle per customer.

  • Biodynamic, terroir-driven, dry, crisp, great minerality. What we’ll be drinking a lot of over the next several months…

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