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Stinky is a locally-owned shop featuring artisanal cheeses, meats, beers and breads. We're on Smith St. in Carroll Gardens. Come visit us and sample our extensive selection of hand-picked regional and global cheeses; jamons, proscuittos, and sausage and artisanal meats; fresh breads baked daily by Tomcat and Il Forno; spectacular craft-brewed beers; and more!

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  • Stinky Bklyn Mar 11

    BEER FLASH- Tonight only, 20% off Ithaca Nut Brown Ale on draft (all sizes- 16oz, 32oz or 64oz), one of our…

  • Stinky Bklyn Mar 11

    You should come in here right now just to smell this place! Stinky smells like roasted garlic & cheese with a…

  • Stinky Bklyn Mar 07

    Now you can see EVERY beer we have in-store..on tap and in bottles and cans! Check out it:

  • Stinky Bklyn Mar 04

    Good day for a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I think my number one grilled cheese sandwich was kimchi…

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 28

    Also, in honor of NYC Beer Week (which is longer than a week), here’s another pairing:
    Ithaca Ground Break Saison with Cabot Clothbound!

    Ground Break is brewed with generous amounts of Amarillo, Crystal and Glacier hops and flaked rye. It’s fermented with a blend of Belgian and American yeasts. Enjoy the very dry and hoppy bite of Ground Break as the first signs of change start breaking up the long cold winter!

    Cabot Clothbound Cheddar is a collaboration between Cabot (makers of famous supermarket
    block cheddar) and Jasper Hill. Aged for 2 years, Cabot Clothbound is nutty, grassy, and piquant, and a new American classic.

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 27

    NYC Beer Week Pairing Suggestion: Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious & Prairie Breeze.

    There’s nothing quite likes Mom’s apple pie…But I am willing to bet this beer is pretty darn close. An American Tripel, dry-hoped with Amarillo hops and aged in Apple Brandy barrels from one of this country’s oldest distilleries. The tropical aroma of the hops and the delicate apple aroma from the barrels are a perfect match. Straight from the Captain’s cellar to yours, we hope you enjoy.

    Prairie Breeze is a deliciously sharp and fruity block cheddar produced by an Iowan Mennonite family with milk exclusively from small Amish dairies, each with herds of less than fifty cows.

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 26

    NYC Beer Week Pairig Suggestion: Defiant Tripel & Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

    A Belgian Style Tripel Fermented Ale. Brewed with imported Belgian barley and yeast for an authentic balance of classic fruity flavors…pairs great with the savory, nutty flavor of Pleasant Ridge Reserve!

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 25

    NYC Beer Week Pairing Suggesttion: Southampton Saison Deluxe & Harbison:

    Southampton Saison Deluxe is a special version of this Belgian Farmhouse classic. This unusually complex and refreshing ale is brewed to stand the test of time. Its fresh, vibrant flavors will change gracefully with time.

    Harbison is rich, creamy, mushroomy cheese from Jasper Hill. Bound with spruce bark, it has an earthy, woodsy taste and a soft texture that coats your tongue.

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 21

    We’re kicking off NYC Beer Week one night early with an exclusive tasting with KELSO of Brooklyn from 4-6 pm TONIGHT! We’ll have their Rauchbier and IPA on tap paired with two delicious cheeses. Plus, 10% off growlers!

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 20

    Planning your Oscars party? We’ve got a few things for you..$35 Reissdorf Kolsch Kegs, Popcorn & Vermont Cheese Powder, and of course, meat & cheese platters that you can order in advance!

  • Stinky Bklyn Feb 08

    Mayor Bloomberg, ”This storm could be the end of humanity as we know it!”…Translation = Stock up on cheese and beer for the SNOWPACALPSE!

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 28

    What better way to fend off ”The Mondays” than with a giant jar of Landmarc Caramels… we can feel the sugar buzzz from here!

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 25

    tons of new brews in this week: a shelf full of ciders, mead from Rogue, vintage beers from Allagash and Rodenbach, and new beers from all over the mid-Atlantic. We’re especially excited about the Sugar Hill Golden Ale – it’s made in Harlem and best appreciated while listening to Rapper’s Delight.

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 24

    Its almost 5, which means its time to start thinking of how to warm those frozen buns…Try this Hot Buttered Rum Batter from A. F. Rapoport on for size, just add the rum and you’ll warm your bum!

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 24

    Brunch is sooo 2012, spend this Saturday afternoon eating, drinking, and learning with us at the Jakewalk, for our inaugural Winter Cheese Party! There will be lots of libations, tons of cheese, and plenty of educational shenanigans. For tickets follow the link or call us at the store – 7185962873.

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 23

    Just in from Stumptown Roasters, the awesome and limited release Duncan Estate organic roast, figs…pears…and maple syrup, Oh My!

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 16

    just in form Neal’s Yard Dairy. how can you resist a name like this?!

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 15

    What are you doing this Thursday the 17th? Tasting and Pairing amazing aged cheeses and wines at our Aged Cheese…

  • Stinky Bklyn Jan 05

    Do you like BLACK SABBATH? and CHEESE SAMPLES? WE GOT YOU! We are rocking out today because We Can, come Heavy Cheese with us! (most of these songs are about cheese anyways)

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